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Add Channel

Channel allows you to add features such as Blog, Chat, Gallery, Feed, Form, List, and Kanban board to your site. By applying inline type, you can preview the content of the channel on the parent page where the channel belongs.
Type of Channels
There are Blog, Chat, Gallery, Feed, Form, List, and Kanban channels. More channels to be added.
Chat channel
Blog channel
Channel-specific guide
Inline type
You can preview a channel's posts in the channel's parent page. Click ••• on the right side of the added channel and select Inline Type to apply.
When inline type is applied, each channel type is displayed as follows. Swipe the image slider to check them out.
Change channel type
You can easily one channel type to another.
In the sidebar, click ••• to the right of the channel name and select Channel Settings . Or click # at the top of the edit screen.
Select the channel type you want and the change will be applied immediately.