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We envision creating a sustainable sports ecosystem where passionate fandom drives team growth and the strong connection between fans and players lays the foundation for the emergence of the next star athlete.
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👍 Benefits to Teams and Players
1. Empowering Fans:
Direct Your Support to Players with the RORR Chrome Extension
Did you know that viewers donate during your best plays while co-streaming? Previously, all donations went directly to the channel owner, not the team or players, due to the lack of a practical system to direct the funds. With our new RORR Chrome extension, fans now have the power to allocate their donations to specific players on specific teams, enhancing support where it's most deserved.
2. Building the Future:
How Esports Fans and Player Bonds Drive Player Careers and Team Success
Esports fans are youthful and deeply passionate about their favorite players, who are more than just athletes—they're influencers discovered through social media. This devotion drives fans to seek closer, personal connections with players. The evolving bond between fans and players is not just pivotal for the players' careers; it's crucial. As more sports stream online, teams must leverage this bond to capture and expand their viewership.
3. Breaking Barriers:
How the RORR Chrome Extension Connects Teams Directly with Fans
Until now, teams had no way to know who was watching their games online—only streaming platforms and OTT services had access to viewer data, which they did not share. This limitation can now be overcome with the new RORR Chrome extension. This standalone donation tool enables fans to support their favorite players directly. Teams can also access the donation list, finally connecting directly with their fanbase.
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