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A New Revenue Stream for Sports and Esports Teams
Introducing RORR, the fan engagement and donation platform that helps teams build a loyal fan base and generate revenue online.
Your Team's Success Story Starts Here
Are you a sports or esports team struggling to make ends meet? Do you want to build a loyal fan base that will support you every step of the way?
You're not alone. With increasing player salaries and limited revenue streams, it's getting harder for teams to stay afloat.
The Financial Struggle is Real
The current model is broken. Teams are forced to rely on middlemen like video platforms and the league, who take a large cut of the revenue.
Fans are left feeling disconnected from the teams they love. And teams are left struggling to make ends meet.
Introducing RORR:
The Game-Changing Fan Engagement Platform
That's where RORR comes in. Our fan engagement and donation platform connects fans directly with teams, bypassing middlemen and allowing teams to retain 70% of donations. With support for 700+ payment methods across 130+ countries, we empower teams to reach a global fan base.
Empowering Teams and Players
Connect with fans beyond the venue and on the digital stadium
On Any Platform
YouTube, Twitch, Fubo, DAZN, CoupangTV... You name it. RORR will support any OTT platform your game will be on.
On Any Channel
Reach out to fans on different channels divided by countries or language. Global fans come together as one.
On Any Payment
700+ payment methods are supported globally. Receive fan donations from anywhere your match is played on.
Analyze Fandom
See who's rooting for whom. Get the visibility of the viewers sitting in front of the screen and see which player's popularity is gaining traction.
In-game Stats
See how much each player is contributing to the game live. Fans will delve deeper and feel closer to the action.
Say Thank You
Make personal connection with fans with a Thank-you video for the support. Invite them to meet-and-greets.
Esports Player
Esports Team
Meet Alex, a rising star in the esports world.
Despite being highly skilled and dedicated to their team, Alex struggles with the financial pressures that come with being a professional player. Traditional support systems only allow fans to contribute to the channel owner, leaving Alex and their teammates without direct recognition for their incredible plays.
But Alex’s story takes a turn for the better.
They discover a groundbreaking solution – RORR, a Fan Patronage Solution that allows fans to cheer and support individual players during live matches. With a simple installation of the RORR Chrome extension, the entire team can now benefit from fan support in real-time.
During live matches, everything changes.
As Alex makes an incredible play, fans watching the match are captivated. With the new RORR system, they can instantly show their support by cheering and contributing directly to Alex, celebrating the skill and excitement of the moment. The overlay and slide-in side panel make it easy for fans to contribute, and each cheer is a personal acknowledgment of Alex's talent.
Alex is thrilled.
They promote this new support method to their fans, explaining how each cheer not only supports them financially but also strengthens the bond between player and fan. The response is overwhelming. Fans love the direct connection and the ability to support their favorite players individually.
The impact is profound.
Alex and their teammates start receiving the financial support they need, enabling them to focus entirely on their game. Fans, in return, receive personalized thank you videos and invitations to exclusive meet-and-greet events, deepening their connection with the players they admire.
Thanks to RORR, Alex’s future is brighter than ever.
They continue to grow as a player, confident and supported, knowing that their fans are right there with them, cheering them on with every play. Alex’s story inspires other players to embrace this innovative solution, transforming how they connect with their fans and secure their careers in esports.
See The Fan Experience in Action
Wanna try it out yourself?
Getting Started with RORR: Easy as 1-2-3
Getting started with RORR is easy.
Simply sign a service agreement, register your official logo and player portraits, and verify your identity.
Plus, our fan relationship management backend lets you contact fans for future promotions and events.
Once onboard, you can collect donations from fans and utilize your team page on our platform to promote to your fans.
Take the First Step Towards a Brighter Financial Future
Ready to unlock the power of your fans? Try RORR today for free! Install our fan-side client extension to see how it works, or fill out the registration form to contact our sales team and learn more.
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