Easily Unify Button Colors with the Color Dropper! 🎨
Don't spend any more time searching for the color code!
Searching for the desired color code, applying it to every button, copying the color code again when modifying, and applying it to every button again... This has been too complicated! 🀯
With the color dropper and palette, you can now easily match all the buttons to the same color with just a few clicks, even if you have many buttons.
Extract color from anywhere on your screen with the color dropper!
Extract color from anwhere: the page you are writing, Google results in another window or desktop, and more!
With just one click, match button colors to the logo or other elements on the page.
Find the colors used in theme and recently used colors in the palette!
If you want different colors for each button, choose a color from the Predefined Color palette that fits well with the current theme.
You can also quickly find colors previously applied in the Recent palette.
Now you can duplicate any sites! πŸ“‘
You can change the link preview layout! πŸ‘€