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Bug Fixes
Image Slider is now more usable.
Images can now be scrolled up and down or swiped left and right. Try scrolling the image slider above!
An image inside the slider can be pulled out of the slider using the handle to the left of the image.
The simplest way to organize your content: List channel!
You can display your posts in a list format, with specified fields Have you ever struggled to organize various content in a single space, but didn't know how to categorize it? From simple notes to articles, documents, and more, the List channel is the place to start. You can add a variety of fields to organize them by their features and status. What is 'Field'? Field is a feature that allows you to add attributes to your posts, such as status, last modified, check, or assignee. You can sort and filter by field to view and display posts in the order you want, or just the ones you want. 1️⃣ Sort: You can sort posts in ascending or descending order by selecting specific fields. 2️⃣ Filter: You can set filters to show only posts that meet certain criteria. 3️⃣ Field: You can add and delete fields, edit their names, and set them to be visible/hidden. Here's how we use it. We organize drafts for What's new in the list channel. Tip. You can also switch a list channel to a kanban channel. Type /list — select the list channel and add it to your site now!
Now you can change the size and weight of the text! ➕➖
Have you ever wanted to change the text style when customizing your site? Or maybe you want to increase the size of a text block that is not used as a heading, but you still want to emphasize it? Then pay attention! You can now adjust the size and weight of text per block. Per block? When you style text, all text within a block can only be the same size and weight - you can't make some text in a block bigger and some smaller! How to adjust text size and weight (Check image above!) Click on the block and hit esc, or click on the handle to the left of the block to open the black toolbar. The size of the text can be adjusted by 1) dragging the slider on the toolbar, or 2) typing in the font size you want. The weight of the text can be adjusted by pressing B and selecting one of the options. ✔️ The text size can be any size from a minimum of 12px to a maximum of 100px, and the text weight can be one of five options Note: The default size for text is 16px and a medium weight. Not all the text can be adjusted 🙅‍♂️ Text size and weight are adjustable only in text, quote, and callout blocks. If the text is either 1) fixed in size or 2) affected by other UI, such as in a title or list block, it can't be adjusted. Therefore, clicking the handle of these blocks will not open the toolbar. Text in columns and tables is considered a text block, so you can change its size and weight. ⭕️ Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that email notifications for new posts would not be sent. Adjusted image size in email notifications for new posts to appear larger. Fixed an issue that Notion import would fail. [Beta] Fixed an issue that prevented form submissions in inline-type channel. [Beta] Fixed an issue with select-type questions in the Form channel where the choices were randomly arranged.
Now you can adjust the margins on your site!
If you use Enter to adjust margins but don't like it... 🧐 Find it inconvenient to adjust margins with line breaks, or can't get the exact size of margin you want with line breaks? Then try the Spacer block, which lets you add margins all at once! Simply drag the block handle to adjust the height of your margin. Don't worry! The margin block will look a different color from the background color in edit mode, but in view mode (= to site visitors) it will appear the same color as the background color. Bug Fixes and Improvements When you add a feature with /, you can now see search results in order of relevance to the feature you're looking for. When you duplicate a channel, the content inside the channel will be also duplicated, not just the format. Fixed an issue that the screen would automatically scroll to the bottom of a post when there was a tab block. Fixed an issue that the signup window would not close when you stopped the signup process in the login page.