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SlashPage FAQ

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Last updated: 2024.06.19
Site Settings
Can I connect my domain to my SlashPage site?
The custom domain feature allows you to connect your domain to your SlashPage site. Entering your domain in the address bar directs visitors to your SlashPage site. It's currently in beta testing and will be publicly available soon.
Can I set a site preview (thumbnail) when I share?
You can set the preview (Open Graph, OG image) that appears when sharing your site link via messenger and social media. Users with 'Can manage' permission or higher can click on the Share setting to modify the title, description, and representative image as desired.
How can I get my site found on Google? (SEO, Search Engine Optimization)
You can expose your site to search engines with a single click. By enabling the share to search engines option in the share menu, it will appear on the search engines after a certain period (at least one day).
Can I import data from other apps?
SlashPage currently supports importing from Notion, Littly, and Linktree. For more detailed instructions on importing from Notion, please refer to the guide below.
Is there any limit to the file size I can upload?
For the Free plan, there is a maximum limit of 20 MB per file and a maximum of 1 GB per site. Note that embedded blocks, such as YouTube videos, do not count towards the limit; the limit applies to directly uploaded images, videos, PDF files, etc.
Can I search within the site?
Click the mangifying glass icon 🔍 at the top to search for the content you're curious about.
Is there a SlashPage app?
You can download the mobile app from the App Store and Google Play Store. The app allows you to quickly receive notifications for new posts, comments, and direct messages. The desktop app is under development and will be released soon.
Can I integrate other apps (APIs) with SlashPage?
Integration with other services is currently under development, and we are considering a number of candidates. If there is a service you would like to integrate, please let us know on the SlashPage Feedback Channel. We will take it into consideration.
Can I analyze site metrics or connect Google Analytics (GA)?
You can check site metrics such as number of visitors, acquisition paths, and more through the analytics within SlashPage. If you need further analysis, you can connect Google Analytics. GA integration is currently in beta testing and will be publicly available soon.
Can I embed an iframe on my SlashPage site, or display my SlashPage site as an iframe on another site?
We don't currently support embedding iframes due to security issues, but we're looking into it as many users have requested this feature.
Can I embed content from other services?
Currently, there are only a limited number of services that can be embedded. You can check if the embed is working by pasting the link. (For example, if you paste a link of a YouTube video in SlashPage, the video will be automatically embedded.)
We're planning to add an embed block feature so you can embed a variety of other services (e.g., Google Drive). If you have a service you'd like to embed, let us know on our Feedback channel!
Subscribers and Members
Can I send notifications to subscribers? Can I choose not to send notifications?
When publishing a new post on a channel within the site, you can choose whether or not to send push notifications to subscribers. Email notifications for new posts are sent to subscribers regardless of what you choose to do.
What is the difference between subscribers and members?
Subscribers are users who subscribe to the site and can only view public pages and channels. They receive email and app push notifications when new posts are published on a channel. In contrast, members have permissions on the site and can access pages and channels that are not public.
For more details on member permissions, please refer to the guide below.
Can I view or export subscriber information?
Subscriber information can only be viewed within SlashPage. Currently, the only subscriber information available to site managers is the nickname, profile image, and subscription date. We may expand access to subscriber information after further discussion.
Monetization and Pricing Plans
Can I add ads such as Google AdSense?
Currently, SlashPage does not support Google AdSense, but we are considering future support.
Can visitors or subscribers make payments on my site?
The on-site payment feature is currently under development.
Will there be paid plans? If so, when can we expect to see pricing?
Paid plans, including a custom domain and removal of the SlashPage branding, are coming soon. The details of the paid plans are currently under discussion and we hope to release them in the first half of the year.