Check out the Feature Preview to see what's available!
💡 Now, you can preview feature descriptions and examples before adding blocks!
We've added a window where you can see a functional description and example of a block before adding it to your site. Check out the feature preview by clicking the Add button in the toolbar on the top or the + button on the left of a block.
If there's a feature you're looking for, you can 🔍 search for it in the preview window. Scroll through the list of blocks on the left to see what's available. If you look carefully, you might find something that makes you go, "Huh? I didn't know this, this looks great!"
Once you've found a feature you want, you can add it to your site by clicking + on the list, + Add button at the bottom right, or Enter on your keyboard.
You can now create a template for channel posts! 📥
Do you want your members to write posts that follow a certain format? Are you tired of copy-pasting and editing every time you write posts of the same format? Now with the Custom Template feature, you can create your template in the channel and set it as the default format for the posts. Currently only available in Blog and Gallery channels. We're working to make it available in Pages and other channels soon. [Beta] Custom templates are also available in List and Kanban channels. How to create a template In your channel, click V to the right of Post and click Create template. When you're done editing your template, you can save it with Save template in the top right. Please note When you're editing a template, you can see "You're editing a template" at the top. How to set a template as the default format for a post Click ••• to the right of a template and click Set as default. When you start writing with Post button, the default template will be applied to the post. How to efficiently work with multiple templates Writing different types of posts in one channel? Create a template for each type. Tap V to the right of Post and select the template you need to quickly write your post. Tip: If you create 10 templates or more, the template search 🔍 becomes active. ✔️ Note: Custom templates can only be created, edited, and deleted by members with 'Can manage' permissions. Bux Fixes You can now apply Clean URLs also in View mode. Fixed an issue that the post button and pinned button would be misaligned in the Gallery channel. Fixed an issue that pages would not be found in search. Fixed an issue that search results would not be spaced correctly. Fixed an issue that the background color of the search tab would be inconsistent with the theme.
2 reasons why Channel got even better 📢
We've made two improvements based on your feedback! 1. You can now pin channel posts Do you have a post that you want your subscribers or visitors to see first? Did your old announcement get pushed out by newer posts, but you want to keep it at the top of your channel? Now, just pin them at the top of a channel! You can pin as many posts as you want in any channel. Tip. You can preview your pinned posts by clicking 📌+number. 2. Visibility and permission setting got much more intuitive Wait, do you have a channel set to public that only site admins should see? Or a channel that everyone should be able to interact with, but only logged in users can post and comment? Now you can set your channel's visibility and post/comment permissions with a single click in the top right corner of the channel! This works the same way for you sites or pages. You can easily set them up in inline-type channel as well SlashPage gets better and better everyday thanks to your feedback. If you have any new features you'd like to use, suggestions, questions, or other requests, feel free to leave them in the SlashPage Feedback Channel! Features We've removed the top and bottom margins of heading blocks: 1) when indenting, 2) when using heading blocks inside a table or column, and 3) when using heading blocks in a channel. Note: If you use a heading block without indentation within a page, it will still have the same margins as before. Example: Using different sized heading blocks within a column doesn't cause a height discrepancy because there's no margin difference! Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that created sub-channels or pages would not be reflected in the navigator (page tree). Fixed an issue that the channel submenu would appear as the default when adding blocks in the mobile app. Fixed an issue that a table block handle would not appear inside a column block. [Beta] When downloading form results, the file name will be automatically generated.
You can now transfer ownership of your site!
Have you ever had a website admin change and needed to change the owner of a website? Now you can transfer the ownership of your site to a member with the Transfer Ownership feature. There are 2 ways to transfer ownership Site permissions only Selecting "Site permissions only" changes you to a member with "Can post / comment" permissions and transfers ownership of the site to the member you choose. In this case, the only thing that changes is the owner of the site. Including your activities Selecting "Including your activities" changes not only the owner of the site, but also the existing owner's posts, comments, reactions and direct messages to the member you choose. Example: When A (the site's owner) transfers ownership of the site to B (a member), if A selects "Including your activities", all posts, direct messages, comments, and reactions that A created within the site will be changed to B's after the ownership transfer. Note: The ownership transfer is completed when the person taking over ownership accepts the request in the notification menu. What's the difference between owners and members who can manage? Site owners are now visible in the Members menu. Let me briefly explain the difference between site owners and members with "Can manage" permissions. Site owners can manage site settings such as Search engine optimization (SEO), duplication permissions, and site name, while members with 'can manage' permissions can only modify the visibility setting and manage internal activities such as members, subscribers, and posts published in the site. Thanks to @realworld for suggesting the ownership transfer feature! 👏 Features You can now set a background color of a block. When setting the background or text color of a block, you can now quickly apply 'Last used' colors via a shortcut (Mac: cmd+shift+C / Windows: ctrl+shift+C). Bug fixes Fixed an issue that channel posts would disappear when editing or saving them. Fixed an issue that the feature preview window would close. Fixed an issue that site notifications would not turn back on after being turned off. Fixed an issue that only one column would be added when adding a column block. Removed an action that would automatically resize tables. [Beta] Fixed an issue in the survey channel that it was not possible to edit the options for 'Select' questions.