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SlashPage for Desktop out now!
Get real-time notifications on your desktop 💡 Have you found it inconvenient not being able to quickly check SlashPage notifications when you're doing something else on your computer? With the SlashPage desktop app, you can stay updated on new activities in your site / community and respond right away. Make sure to click Allow notifications on the first notification you receive! If you miss that message, go to the notification settings on your desktop, find Slashpage, and allow notifications. Multitask with multiple tabs in a single window Do you want to work on different pages and channels at the same time? Do you manage multiple sites with one account? You can keep multiple tabs open in the SlashPage app. If you're tired of juggling other sites in your browser, the desktop app lets you manage SlashPage sites separately. Tip. You can also use keyboard shortcuts! Most of them are the same as you would use in a browser. You can check the available shortcuts in the top menu or SlashPage guide. Mac Windows Try the desktop app and see how much more convenient it is! The download will start immediately after you click the button.
3 new features to make better use of your Image Sliders! 🌠
You can indicate which image is currently viewed. You can easily check the current position in the image slider through the indicator. Click ••• > Indicator > Use in the top right corner of the image slider to enable it. Choose your view type: One by one vs Multiple The one by one option has been newly added to the image slider view type. One by one view type One by one view type is useful when you want visitors to focus on one image at a time, such as for a portfolio or product showcase. Only one image is displayed at a time, and the size of the slider changes to match the size of each image. Multiple view type Multiple view type is useful when you want to show multiple images in sequence, such as creating a site banner or showcasing the progress of a project. You can adjust the space between images as you like. Choose from None, Default, Wide, or adjust the image spacing in pixels using the custom slider below. Note: Image spacing can only be adjusted in a multiple view type. Search results for user mentions now appear based on relevance (post author, commenter). When duplicating a channel, posts within the channel are no longer duplicated.
Track your form metrics: Visits, Submissions, and Drop-offs 📝
Dashboard has been added to the Form channel You can find the dashboard in the Summary tab of the form channel. You can check visit, submission and drop-off metrics Visits: You can see how many visitors viewed your form and which source they come from. Note: If a visitor comes to the form after visiting your site, its acquisition funnel will be marked as So if you want to track your funnel more accurately, try sharing the form channel link directly. Want to share your form link in a cleaner way? Try Clean URL! Submits: You can see how many responses were started and submitted. You can also check the average time spent to complete the form. Drop-off: You can see how many people have dropped off your form. You can review both the drop-off rate relative to the page acquisition and the drop-off rate relative to the number of starts. You can check both completed and uncompleted responses in the Results tab. In the Results tab, you can review the unsubmitted responses by clicking Uncompleted to see which questions each respondent didn't answer. If a question has a particularly low response rate, you can consider revising it and asking yourself questions like, "Are people dropping off because the question requires sensitive information?" or "Are they feeling like the form is too long because it's broken into several pages (steps)?" If you want to learn more about how to use the Form channel, check out our guide!
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