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Introducing Presentation to make your memos look like the slide deck! πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ
Don't bother transferring notes, idea memos, or handwritten materials to PowerPoint! Turn the pages that were just memos directly into presentation slides. It looks neat without the need for detailed design! 4 Reasons Why SlashPage for Presentations is Great βœ”οΈ 1. Every element, from image sliders to toggles and buttons, works exactly the same in presentations. Even with a large number of images, you can efficiently display them without adjusting spacing or alignment. Toggles can be opened and closed, buttons can be clicked, and all other elements operate just like they do on the regular page! 2. Scrolling within a slide is possible. Have you ever struggled with fitting a lot of content into one slide? With SlashPage, even if there's plenty of content in one slide, you can scroll to show everything! 3. Sharing your slide deck becomes easy. Worries like "Is the PDF file size too large?" or "Will the font break?" are a thing of the past! Simply share the page link, and the audience can easily view your deck. When there's a large audience, you can even display a QR code on the presentation screen. How to download QR code image in just 1 second Click the share icon in the upper right corner of the screen to download the QR code for the page as an image (SVG or PNG) file! 4. You can track the engagement on your presentation pages. Explore metrics such as the number of visitors, and button clicks, and even identify which slide grabbed the most attention. If you create a Q&A channel, you won't miss any questions before or after the presentation. Try it on your page right away! Click on the top right corner ・・・ > Presentation. The slides are divided by title or divider blocks, and you can navigate by clicking on the left/right of the screen or using the arrow keys.
Now you can send DMs! πŸ’¬
Are you managing web pages such as Q&A, personal branding, or event pages that require direct messages with visitors? Now, you don't have to go back and forth between your page, email, and social media to communicate with visitors! You can directly send direct messages on your page. Add the DM button in noticeable areas such as below the inquiry channel, your main projects, and event notices! Add a button and configure the 'Send DM to (site owner's username)' feature. Do you want to talk to the page manager personally? You can now directly convey inquiries containing sensitive information to the manager or have casual talks without sharing phone number with other members. Click on another member's profile image in the channel, select the 'Direct Message' button, and start chatting instantly. 3 ways to effectively use DM! Want to see previous messages with someone? Go back to the site where you initially sent or received messages from that person. Utilize the SlashPage app to check messages more promptly. New message notifications are delivered to the notification center, not by email. Be sure to check notifications carefully so you don't miss any messages! Similar to chat channels, you can react to messages, leave comments, or even schedule messages. Want to give it a test? Let's try it together! Click the button below and send any message. For example, what's for lunch today? πŸ€”
You can change the link preview layout! πŸ‘€
Have you ever encountered these issues when sharing links? "The preview thumbnail is too large and disrupts the flow. I wish it was smaller." "I want to embed it, but all I see is a gray box." "The thumbnail image gets cut off." Now, you can choose from 4 different preview layouts! When sharing maps or videos, you can embed the content to be visible. Choose either the large image or small image preview and apply it uniformly for your content. Click the triangle toggle to preview how it will look! Preview Large Image Small Image No Image You can change it with just a few clicks!
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