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BetterBoxx is an open-source, cross-platform chatbot that comes with plugin features. Some plugins are also open-sourced, and private plugins are being developed and used by multiple entities across the world.
BetterBoxx seeks to create a robust and versatile platform that can adapt to diverse scenarios and requirements. With a focus on modularity and scalability, BetterBoxx is poised to become a powerful tool for marketers and community managers alike, enabling them to harness the full potential of community-driven growth in innovative ways.
Initially as a founder and sole developer responsible for our products; EchoBox LIVE and EchoBox, there is a lot of story behind our journey.
We began our journey as a real-time foreign subtitling platform, aiming to bring entertainment to people worldwide. Currently, we are actively working on Project Caffeine, a groundbreaking initiative that enables content creators to enhance the efficiency of their content delivery and audience management. We are thrilled about the opportunities it brings and the impact it will have in the industry.
Our aim is to help content creators:
Find new audience in unconventional ways.
Interact with existing audience efficiently.
Spend less time both in pre and post-production.
We work directly with some of the largest livestreamers from and YouTube.
Other Projects
2015 - Present
Admin, gaming community, 3.3k+ members
Mabinogi Complains/Drama
2014 - Present
Admin, gaming community, 1.4k+ members
Mabinogi Club
2014 - 2015
Owner, directory of rogue users of online games.
Silva Illusion
2009 - 2015
No archive, original domain:
Owner, online game addon software creation & distribution community for an online game.