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a shaneful place

Hello, my name is Shane.
I am a 6th year developreneur (developer + entrepreneur) from Sydney, currently based in Seoul.
I'm captivated by productivity tools and online content creation. As a developer, I firmly believe in realising business goals to elevate our value. As a visionary, I believe fostering concise milestones and communication are keys to a successful development team.
This is my personal blog
…to show and tell what I’ve learnt in this life so far.
Once there was a girl named Lily who was born deaf and blind. Despite her challenges, she had a keen sense of touch and smell. With the help of her loving family, she learned to communicate through sign language and braille. One day, she discovered a hidden talent for music, feeling the vibrations of the piano keys. Lily's unique abilities amazed everyone, proving that disabilities can't stop someone from shining bright. Lily became a renowned pianist, inspiring others to never give up on their dreams.
My Playlists
How about some music?
Hard drops, complex and exciting electronic music.
For all those moments when you need the chill vibes.
Unleash the fury with this explosive mix of deathcore, and metalcore.
Epics are created by heroes and told by believers.
Pop, British Pop, K-Pop, J-Pop, any other pop.