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    The Core Display Incubation team is looking for a user experience engineer to join a team of multi-talented engineers building future-looking display prototypes. The job consists of leveraging novel display technologies to build experience prototypes and help set the future direction of the Display HW organization. The ideal candidate has a mix of technical and artistic abilities to work with the team to build compelling user experiences. Hands-on experience with hardware is highly desired, with any background in electrical engineering also a huge plus.
    Key Qualifications
    Proven track record in hardware prototyping
    Proficiency in one or more programming language (MATLAB, Python, Swift, etc)
    Portfolio of creative work, including successful projects & prototypes, is a big plus
    Experience with EE, designing FPGA boards, or equivalent, is a big plus
    Strong communication skills for working with cross-functional teams
    Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
    Build experience prototypes that help inform the future direction of Apple displays, sensing, and other new hardware
    Develop next generation computational display algorithms and machine learning models to enable outstanding visual quality on display systems
    Collaborate with multi-functional teams and provide strong leadership and expertise for initiating new projects and development via incubation teams
    Be able to chip in to and lead technology development and productization
    Education & Experience
    B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in computer science, imaging science, electrical engineering, or equivalent.
    Role Number: 200312876