Easily Learn K-Pop with the STREAM App
Introducing the STREAM app, an online K-Pop dance studio where anyone can easily learn K-Pop dances. While K-Pop dance videos are easily accessible everywhere, many find it challenging to follow along. However, by dividing and practicing segments of professionally prepared K-Pop dance videos slowly and repeatedly, anyone can learn, no matter how fast or complex the moves. Try learning K-Pop choreography with STREAM's powerful dance video control feature. Once you've memorized and followed the choreography sufficiently, you can measure your dance skills with the AI evaluation feature. By directly comparing your dance video with the choreography, you can easily identify how to improve posture, timing, and make your dance lines look beautiful. Experience a new way of learning K-Pop with the online K-Pop dance academy, STREAM, anytime, anywhere. If you have any suggestions for improving our service, please send them to STREAM STUDIO