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Tip. Korean users can view the Korean screen by swiping the image to the right. Easily search videos from around the world! The search term you enter is automatically expanded to 11 languages ​​(English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Vietnamese, Indonesian). You can access useful materials from around the world that have been difficult to access . Check the content in advance with a 3-line summary and create a summary note! When you click on a video you like, a three-line summary 'preview' will be displayed in the bottom right. If you want to see a more detailed summary note, click the ‘Summary’ button ! Example of use I'm looking for materials I need for work! The more data related to specialized knowledge, the more abundant data there may be overseas. Don't be afraid of foreign languages ​​now, discover a gold mine! - Example search terms: technical seo guide, how to use ChatGPT, Korean history, ... I'm planning a trip abroad! Check out the locals’ favorite courses and plan a more enriching trip! I'm running an online store! Is there a demand for products that sell well in Korea overseas? Find review videos from around the world, including Vietnam and Italy. You can discover amazing business opportunities! The application speed of improving voice recognition accuracy has been improved faster. A modal informing new users of the LilysAI service who has shared the summary note is displayed. The quality of perfect summaries of YouTube videos has been further improved. Write proper nouns more accurately.
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