A Place to Convene as a Team
Image Refinement & Tasks for All of You
Nurgul, I assign you to improve the Society's image file. The Shard image must be depixelated - experiment with in-built computer image software like 3D Paint. Put the depixelated symbol in the exact same position on the 'Q' as the current image does, zoom in on 3D Paint to see how many pixels that is, as a form of measurement to help you in positioning. Check the Gallery for files. The 'Q' is from the Oxford University's Quantum Information Society. You can download this file from the image above here, to attempt to fix our Shard-banner. I think it's representative of the Society, especially when there's an emerging phenomena of analogue, biological and DNA computing all rivalling (or important enough to merge with) future versions of digital (like quantum or photonic computers), and Guy's Campus is where geneticists are HQ'ed as well as where the most important KCL labs are. So, you can understand that the importance of 'quantum information' is more about utilising theoretical physics rather than merely how quantum computers work. Hence, the importance of your job in de-pixelating this symbol. Use free AI depixelation for the Shard image, if you have to/can - and try multiple, because some of them depixelate with less resolution that others. Google "the shard london symbol" if you want, though the files are in the Gallery, and try using this: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=632333662262120&set=a.632333658928787 first (its 'open image in a new tab' (such as our one, here, above) function may give the OG/better resolution file to download from) β€”>https://scontent-lhr6-2.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t39.30808-6/307029059_5398256450228349_8819682611794940237_n.jpg?_nc_cat=104&ccb=1-7&_nc_sid=5f2048&_nc_ohc=2JGvGp7gkWIAX-8QMxj&_nc_ht=scontent-lhr6-2.xx&oh=00_AfAOhyaPc-C5HkJzywMtCS6_4nHA3aDtcHe3mwxX8fXtMQ&oe=65FB8E55 , and put it on top of the Q. Lissan, your job will be two-fold, one now, one later. The one now is to look at the assignments I've given you within two of the Forum blogs. The one later is discussing with me about structuring this entire slashpage into something we can work with. Try to restrict your work in your Desk. We will keep this colour theme, just experiment, and then delete your experiments, and write down what suggested action you want to take on that specific part of the slashpage, and then I can review it with you so I can oversee your work. This would be mostly just to clean out the rough edges. We will also allot new spaces on slashpage for the other team member's in a manner you think is appropriate with the conditions I've already given you; think about the future of our work as Society. You may wish to review how to build things on slashpage, here: slashpage.com/slashpage . Theorise what can and maybe should be done. We will go and ask the Team about what they would want. Soji (Ana), Nischal & Michelle, you three (AND EVERYONE ELSE, ALSO, WHEN YOU'RE FINISHED WITH YOUR OWN TASKS) learn all you can about 'quantum information', specifically, and share with us what you've learned as well as your sources in a nice tidy fashion on "Quantum Information Knowledge Share Space" tab on our slashpage, so that we can each review/learn from it, alone, and be able to discuss with each other what we know about. If the material I've provided on the "Quantum Information Knowledge Share Space" is too boring, or there's other/similar problems with it, then let me know and carry on with learning at your own discretion, as already stated in this paragraph. That way, we can eventually address to students how all of this works, why it is important, and how we can/ are going to use it in our own interests/jobs/experience & self-development. You can all help each other out and add more information for us all to assimilate that would be relevant, once you're done with your own task. For example, Nischal's understanding of computer science & information (tell us (once you're done) about your understanding of DNA computing & blockchain and how quantum computers are poised to affect it). You mathematicians can tell us about - let's say - how various topics and aspects within quantum information works alongside each other. Whilst you physicists can discuss how quantum entanglement and other relevant process work and what they affect. - I would like all of you to be able to describe fundamental quantum computing processes like entanglement, quantum measurement, its relation to string theory. - I also want you to learn about the basic process and need for the use of qubits, qutrits, and qudits in quantum computing machines. - And as a bonus, find out more about the other mentioned types of computing. Share everything that is ready for sharing on the mentioned page, and feel free to put them in the chat, too. Don't forget to use your Desk(s) as a workspace. You each have until the 9th of June to finish your allotted tasks - yes, including learning about the quantum space/information. By that point, we'd have the KCL Student Groups's Leaders Training session already finished; the last one is on the 4th of June. We will also have to be ready beginning that time to curate events for the Society, amongst other things, like meeting each other and having fun. Yes, it (having fun) is a rule in this Society - once we have the money 🍷🍸🍹🍺🍻🍾πŸ₯‚πŸ•΄πŸ’°πŸ€‘πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΉπŸ’± Text on Whatsapp either to me or the group about any big concerns, our Troubleshooting - Concerns channel is for technical things, but you can still use Whatsapp if you think you won't get an answer on here. Also, deposit your work here or anywhere else on the slashpage when you're finished, and let us know when you've done it on the Whatsapp group chat, as well.