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Free Online Korean Conversation Course! 🙌
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We are currently offering
free one-on-one Korean conversation lessons to aid in the development of our service.
We 're offering Free 15-minute 1-on-1 Online Korean Conversation Lessons with a Native Korean Teacher to help you level up your speaking skills.
Plus, you'll be helping us discover new ways to make learning Korean even easier for everyone! 🙌
What makes the lessons special?
Personalized attention: Get 15 minutes of focused practice tailored just for you. 🎯
Real-life topics: Talk about travel, food, hobbies, K-pop – whatever interests you! ✈️🍕🎵
Detailed feedback: Our teachers will help you fine-tune your pronunciation, intonation, and vocabulary. ✍️
Fun learning materials: We'll use a variety of resources like articles, videos, and more to keep things interesting.
It’s Free and Online Course: You don't need to pay, The lesson is conducted through Google Meet!
Classes are available exclusively in English and Korean, owing to our team's availability. Please take note.
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