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Help for Students

How to Enroll in a Course
Specify the content you want to learn in detail with your teacher.
Follow the instructions provided on the service screen.
How Are Classes Conducted?
Class Platform: Google Meet
Please join 5 minutes before the class starts.
e.g., For a 3:00 PM class, join at 2:55 PM to prepare.
Class Guidelines
Attendance Requirement: You must show your face on the camera to be considered present.
Late: Within 5 minutes after class starts.
Absence: 10 minutes after class starts.
Absence Notification: If absent, inform your teacher via email before or after the class. In special cases, the teacher may allow attendance without the camera on.
Learning Environment: Attend the class in an independent space free from interruptions.
Device Usage: Use your personal device for the class. Check your microphone and camera beforehand to ensure smooth communication with the teacher.
Behavior: Maintain a respectful attitude and good posture during the class.
What If the Teacher Is Absent?
If the teacher does not show up within 5 minutes of the class start time, send a message to the service administrators.
What to Do If You Encounter Technical Issues?
If technical problems arise during the class, immediately inform the teacher and follow the provided guidelines to resolve the issue.
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