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💚 Building and improving since 1998
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🌱 Lasting Legacy
Habitat for Humanity in San Diego is an organization dedicated to building and improving homes for families in need. Established in 1998, our mission revolves around the belief that everyone, regardless of background, deserves a simple, decent, and affordable place to live in dignity and safety. Our work includes not only building new homes.
Our efforts also extend to advocating for practical public policy in support of affordable housing solutions and participating in global homebuilding efforts through our partnership with Habitat for Humanity International. This includes using green building materials, energy-efficient installations, and drought-tolerant landscaping in our construction projects.
Moreover, we engage in neighborhood revitalization projects, collaborating with local residents and leaders to strengthen communities. Habitat for Humanity San Diego holds firm to values such as inclusion, housing equity, dignity for all, sustainability, and self-reliance. We welcome everyone to join their mission, regardless of race, religion, age, gender, or political views.
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