Meet our team

Name: Emily Nguyen, Data Science
Position: President, Habitat for Humanity, UC San Diego
Age: 21, Junior
As a senior majoring in Urban Studies and Planning at UC San Diego, I lead our campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity with a passion for sustainable community development. My role involves strategic planning, overseeing various initiatives, and collaborating with local communities to address housing needs. Committed to social justice and environmental sustainability, I've spearheaded several successful builds and fundraising campaigns.
Name: Marcus Johnson, Business Administration
Position: Vice President, Habitat for Humanity, UC San Diego
Age: 20, Sophmore
As the VP of Habitat for Humanity at UCSD, I'm dedicated to empowering communities through affordable housing solutions. Majoring in Sociology with a minor in Leadership, my focus is on fostering teamwork and innovation within our chapter. I coordinate volunteer efforts and partner closely with local organizations to maximize our impact.
Name: Anita Desai, Anthropology
Position: Secretary, Habitat for Humanity, UC San Diego
Age: 21, Junior
In my role as Secretary for UCSD’s Habitat for Humanity, I manage communications and documentation, ensuring our team stays organized and connected. Pursuing a degree in Communication, I'm passionate about storytelling and advocate for housing rights through various media platforms. My responsibilities include meeting coordination, record keeping, and supporting our executive team's initiatives.
Name: Alex Torres, Business Economics
Position: Treasurer, Habitat for Humanity, UC San Diego
Age: 22, Senior
As Treasurer of UCSD’s Habitat for Humanity chapter, I blend my Economics major with my commitment to social causes. Responsible for budget management, fundraising, and financial reporting, I ensure the financial health of our chapter. I am dedicated to creating transparent and effective strategies to fund our projects and support our mission.