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Course details
It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.
Experience Structure
How is this course designed?
This course has been designed as an experiential journey, so it incorporates elements like:
New learning content released each week (inspiration, new ideas, and frameworks)
Individual reflection and application in your own context (practice and application with real-world scenarios)
Collaborative learning (optional opportunities to receive feedback from other course participants and work in teams)
The course and its contents will be availble to participants 30 days after the course ends allowing for you to self-pace, explore, and complete as your schedule allows
Time Commitments
Where does the time go?
Each week, you will spend approximately one to two hours dedicated to guiding discovery, sharing your thoughts, and participating in discussions with your fellow participants. Part 3 - Blueprint & Deliver is a four-hour module, but it is spread over two weeks' time. You should anticipate additional time to complete assignments and to explore more resources for your module.
Click the sections below for a better understanding of the expectations for each part of the course.
Welcome (1 hour)
Part 1: Experience Design (2 hours + Live Webinar for Business & Design Leads)
Part 2: Transform It (2 hours + Live Webinar for Design Leads)
Part 3: Develop Blueprint and Deliver (4 hours)
Part 4: Take outs and Wrap-Up (1 hour)
Course Requirements
The requirements to officially complete this course are straightforward. You must:
Complete and submit your LXD Blueprint (all sections) in Part 3: Blueprint Milestone.
Record and submit Final Milestone: Your LXD Presentation.
Earn at least 2000 points through completion of the following activities:
Video Practice: 200 points
Assignments: 150 points each
Videos: 50 points each
Discussions: 100 points each
Polls: 25 points each
Assessments: 5 points per rating
Live Event: 100 points each
Complete the Post-Course Survey.
You can track your progress using the two progress bars on the course homepage.
SHRM Recertification Credit
We are happy to announce that the LXD course has been approved for 10 PDCs towards SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP recertification. After completing the course and earning the Certificate of Completion, we will send you an Activity ID so that you can receive your credits!
Live Events
Interactive sessions with an LXD leader
There will be two, 60-minute live virtual events led by an LXD leader. The first session is at the end of Part 1: Experience Design, the second session is at the end of Part 2: Transform It. All of the details can be found on the Live Event pages of this course.
Before each live session, you will have the opportunity to submit questions for possible inclusion in the event. If you can't make the live session, don't stress, a recording will be uploaded and available for you to watch at your convenience.