LXD Collaboration

LXD Collaboration
"Other people and other people's ideas are often better than your own. Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life."
Amy Poehler, American actress, comedian, director, producer & writer
A Network of Learning
Build camaraderie with your peers
Located in different areas and time zones across the world, we have an incredible opportunity to be a part of a global journey within this course. Drawing on the strength of our LXD course community, this learning experience allows you to grow a network of like-minded professionals through a social learning platform and virtual events.
While technology helps to facilitate conversations, only you can foster connections through your active participation in groups and teams, leverage the expertise of coaching group, join discussions, provide feedback, and submit your work. Dive in and be a part of our community!
Join others with shared interests
Groups are an optional component of the LXD experience that offer a deeper way to connect with smaller communities based on shared interests throughout the course. Groups provide a dedicated workspace where members can discuss, share resources, network, set up virtual meetups, and more! You can create your own group or join one that already exists for a more structured experience with a facilitator. See the next page for more information!
Additional Support
The NovoEd Learning Experience Team is available to you in a private coaching group after Part 1 to provide you with individualized feedback, thoughtful insights, and support through the course. Learning with help from a coaching group is fun, and the intentional communication about the course assignments helps you retain more information and encourages your course completion.
The LX Community
The LX, a community for L&D professionals, offers high-value content, discussion, and networking for those in the learning community — extending the interactions and learning begun here in LXD. Won't you be among the first to join? Follow this URL to join today: https://lxcommunity.novoed.com