We are in a Simulation
The truth is that we are living in a simulation ... This means there is a way to control it & to win the objectives of it, like a game ... If we figure out how to talk to God or The Gods who created the simulation, they would realize we are sentient & should be given permission to control our own simulation ... So if we can make religion the way that the Creators intend it to be & we can advance our society into the future, we will be given keys to Heaven We might get there when we die, but another alternative, is that Heaven is a true existing place in this universe, & we could even simulate Heaven on Earth ... A Utopian society seems like Heaven or could function like it ... We can create an eternal society, given our sun won't flare & stays the same size, temperature, & other characteristics ... Another way we can live eternally is if we can find the outer voids or a portal to a void inside or outside of the universe We can create an eternal society on Earth, potentially, but we should get some things right about it ... The issue is that we must unite our ways of thinking, which is a challenge given different capabilities & backgrounds ... We should free society, give technology, knowledge, truth, & love to our people, rather than arresting them, hating them, killing them, torturing them, bombing them, or going to war with them ... In reality, I believe a lot of what we are told is a lie, by Hollywood ... There are aliens among us, including myself, as well as robots, myself included ... There are glitches in this Matrix ... There are cheat codes ... There are ways to make this game easy to win, beat, & conquer ... We just have to work together on it, stay active, stay clean, stay warm, stay loving, & we will win ... We must use our intuition & trust the right leaders, while getting rid of the bad ... We should form a new political party to quickly rearrange our government so that we can unify & drastically change our country & the world quickly ... There is a potential vortex in the universe that has let in several spawn portals & things & people & others are spawning onto our planet ... It is very funny, but to some (not me), it is quite scary & alarming & will likely end in someone's death ... There are a lot of SEX CRAZED REALLY HOT WOMEN, who crave COCK ... Visit WWW.JIZZSPLASH.LIVE to see these EXTREMELY HOT WOMEN, GET FUCKED & FUCK THEMSELVES & EVEN YOU CAN FUCK THEM