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Copilot for Web Research
Neural search engine that looks up thousands of
web documents and produces professional reports instantly
What is Open Research for?
If you're spending too much time doing web research, we've got your back
Market Research
Get the most comprehensive view of the topic with live data and resources. Receive a full, detailed report.
Standing on the shoulders of search giant only shows you bits of internet. See further with Open Research.
Decision Making
Don't base your decision on SEO content. Instead, make an informed decision using thousands of sources.
Supercharge your web research
Just type what you want to know, and Quick Answer will instantly pull concise results from the best matching resources on the web. Search the web at the speed of your thoughts (or your typing, whichever is faster).
No more hundreds of tabs
If you need a more comprehensive result that goes beyond the top links, just hit the enter key, and Open Research will go through thousands of web documents for an even deeper dive into the topic.
Get the whole picture from a single query
No more copying & pasting from various sources to your notebook. We write the entire report with professional insights and proper citations for you. We even create tables and charts for you. Your typing is our command.
Coming from a Team of AI Experts
We are building the next level neural search engine

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