Wix Vs. SlashPage

Last updated February 5th, 2024
In today's digital era, you are inundated with web-builders left and right, and you are simply overwhelmed by the choices of great tools. But, don't worry, i'm here to give you my advice!
Conclusion: SlashPage wins! And in the following article, I will detail why! Below is a simple table that summarizes our categories and results.
Our Categories
Free- $159/mo
Completely Free
Ease of Use
Incredibly easy
SEO Tools
💵 Pricing
1 collaborator, displays advertisements, no custom domain
Removes ads, 2 collaborators, 2GB storage, connect to own domain, etc
24/7 customer care, 5 collaborators, 50GB storage, accept payments, etc
24/7 customer care, 10 collaborators, 100GB storage, accept payments, etc
Business Elite
Priority customer care, 15 collaborators, site analytics, site chat
Priority customer care, infinite collaborators, site analytics, site chat, no ads, connect to own domain
CONCLUSION: SlashPage wins by a mile!
✨ Ease of use
Get a head start with its selection of existing templates
However, there are a lot of information that you need to fill out yourself in these templates
Go through a few loops to share your website to the web
Need extra payments to make it SEO-discoverable
Duplicate sites 1:1 that you like or find on discover or on the web!
If sites are not duplicatable, kindly ask the owner of the page!
Use the '/' to insert elements to build your website
Share your website with a click of a button and instanty SEO-discoverable
With all features free, add any functions you wish with a '/'.
CONCLUSION: SlashPage wins!
👩‍🎨 Design
There are over 800+ templates on Wix with diverse designs
Use the color dropper tool or use its preselected palettes that fit your theme
Has the UI of a traditional website and it is hard to remove these traditional elements
Change your website theme with a click of a button
Duplicate sites 1:1 that you like or find on discover or on the web!
With over a million users and thousands of sites, you can duplicate existiing sites, not only relying on existing template
SlashPage remembers your recent colors and you can also use the color dropper tool to unify your theme!
Apply various site themes with a click of a button
Can take the form of a classic website, a blog, a CV, whatever you imagine
CONCLUSION: Depends on your needs!
💻 Performance
In my personal use of wix sites, image loading is exceptionally slow
Takes time for certain template changes and element changes to be reflected
With multiple collaborators, the editor becomes laggy and unresponsive (tested on M1 MacBook Pro)
Performance of AI-based web-building, using OpenAI's GPT model is quite fast
Ocassionally glitches when undoing and redoing changes made on the site
Takes some time to get the website ready for 'exporting'
Seamless flow between editing and view mode, there is no exporting process
Works falwlessly with multiple collaborators on one page, changes are reflected instantly
Photos are capped at a limit, but they load instantly
Editor never crashed, likely due to the simple and fast nature of SlashPage
Themes are applied instantly, without a delay. This is because the themes apply to main buttons, which are not integral to the website's function
Undo and redo works instantly, without glitching the editor
CONCLUSION: SlashPage wins!
🌐 SEO Tools, Tracking
SEO is unforuntately not available for free users. You will need to purchase a paid plan to make your page discoverable on the web.
According to wix.com, "To connect to Google Search Console, you must have a Premium plan and a domain connected to your site. This can be either a domain purchased from Wix or a domain purchased from another domain host."
With the paid plan, SEO works great!
Once the privacy setting of page is set public, the page is instantly SEO-friendly.
For completely free, regardless of whether there is a custom domain connected
You can also make clean links, and make sub-pages discoverable by SEO!
You can input your own page title and descriptions with hot keywords to make you pages be the first few results on search engines!
Connect your Google analytics ID and Meta Pixel ID for free for further, more detailed analytics.
For free, there is a trove of data and your able to track link clicks, page clicks, sections of the pages the users viewed, and more - all for completely free!
CONCLUSION: SlashPage wins!