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UK Study Visa Consultants

What is the process to apply for the UK student visa?

It has been seen that from last few decades, every year thousands of people are migrating to overseas in the search of better job opportunities and better lifestyle. Many of the countries promote immigration, so people have multiple countries option to move such as Canada, UK, USA and many more. In this, blog we will talk about UK student visa, if you are also planning to move to UK on the student visa this blog is for you as you will get the detailed information on the UK student visa. To apply for the
UK Student Visa Consultant in Chandigarh you need to hire the best UK study visa consultant in the Chandigarh which is none other than Abroad gateway as we are providing the best UK study visa consultancy in Chandigarh.

Now let’s have look at the detailed process of Applying for the UK study visa:

Academic documents: In this you need to arrange all of your academic documents such as 12th class or graduation’s detailed mark sheets.

Gap justification certificate: In this, if you have gap in your studies you need to justify the gap by providing the gap justification certificate, it can be certificate of any add on course you did, or any work experience.

English proficiency test: In this, you need to appear for the language proficiency test, to fulfill the eligibility criteria set by university and embassy such as for PTE you need to score 59 overall not less than 55, for IELTS you need to score overall 6 not less than 5.5.

MOI based admission: MOI stands for medium of instruction in which if you have studied in the English medium and scored 70% in the English subject and overall percentage is 65% in the 12th standard, in your case IELTS and PTE will be waive off either you are graduate or 12th passed out for the MOI based admission they consider your score in the English subject of the 12th standard. If you have completed 12th class examination from state board such as PSEB and Haryana board, you medium of instruction should be in English and your score in the English subject should be 70% and overall percentage is 65%, you can get IELTS and PTE waive off.

File application: At this step, you need put the application on the college or the university portal or the website, at this step some universities ask for the admission SOP, so you need to submit the admission SOP or sometimes you may have admission interview,. Interview chances are 50/50 as sometimes universities and are satisfied with admission SOP.

Offer letter: At this step you will receive the conditional offer letter, in which you have condition to pay the fee.

Submission of Fee: At this step, you need to pay the fee or the minimum deposit is depends on the university which you have selected as some universities will allow you to submit the minimum and rest of the amount you can pay later but in some universities you need to pay the full amount.
Prepare your funds: In this, you need to prepare the funds if your university is in the London, you need to maintain the 1334 pounds in your account every month for the nine months and if it falls outside London, you need to maintain 1023 pounds per month for nine months in the UK along with the remaining one year fees which should be 28 days old.

Funds: Your funds can be in any form, in liquid it can be savings or in the form of FD or education loan, fund can be shown in the parents account too but with proper source of income.

CAS letter apply: CAS stands for confirmation of acceptance for the studies, which is issued by the respective college or the university after verifying the funds and other documents submitted to the college.

Medical test: In this, once you are CAS is issued, you can go ahead for the medical test.

Book appointment: In this, you will book an appointment and pay HIS which stands for immigration health surcharge; you can book the appointment as per your need for the decision.

Biometrics: At this step, you can book biometric date where you need you submit all your documents.

Decision: Now you need to wait for the decision and this is the last step of UK Study visa application.