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Type2Defense (PRICE UPDATE) Improves Blood Glucose Level, Enhances Heart Health

Phytage Labs Type2 Defense
➡️Key Benefits: Enhanced Blood Health, Energy and Vitality, Blood Sugar Support, Support healthy weight loss, Lowers bad cholesterol.
➡️Key Ingredients: 100% Natural Clinically Proven Ingredients.
➡️Formulation: 60 Capsules.
➡️Cost: USD 49 (Official Website)
➡️Refund Policy: 90-day money-back guarantee.
Users Reviews: 4.5 ★★★★✰ Rated Excellent By 9964 Satisfied User.
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In the relentless pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, maintaining optimal blood sugar levels often feels like a tightrope walk between health-conscious choices and the unpredictable nature of our bodies. For those seeking a formidable ally in this battle, the Type2Defense supplement emerges as a beacon of hope in the crowded landscape of health supplements. With promises of balance and control, this potent formula claims to revolutionize the way we manage our blood sugar levels.
Picture this: a supplement that acts as a guardian, standing steadfast against the erratic spikes and dips in blood sugar, offering a sense of stability that many of us can only dream of. The Type2Defense supplement doesn’t just promise to be another addition to your daily routine; it aspires to be the game-changer in your quest for a healthier, more regulated life.
As we delve into the heart of this comprehensive Type2Defense review, we invite you to join us on a journey to explore the potential benefits, drawbacks, and everything in between that the Type2Defense supplement has to offer. From its inception, this supplement has captured the attention of health enthusiasts and skeptics alike, sparking conversations about its efficacy and unique approach to blood sugar management.
But what sets Type2Defense apart from the myriad of supplements flooding the market? Is it just another fleeting trend, or does it truly have the power to transform the way we perceive and address blood sugar control? In the next sections, we’ll dissect the science behind Type2Defense, unveiling the mysterious concoction that claims to be the elixir for maintaining blood sugar equilibrium.
Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery, as we separate fact from fiction and provide you with an unbiased, in-depth exploration of the Type2Defense supplement. Will it live up to the hype, or is it just another drop in the vast ocean of health solutions? Let’s find out together.
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What is Type2Defense?
Type2Defense is a blood sugar support supplement marketed as part of “a revolutionary approach to controlling your blood sugar.”
Priced at USD 69 per bottle, Type2Defense comes with a 90 day moneyback guarantee. If Type2Defense doesn’t work within 90 days, then you can request a complete refund.
US-based supplement company PhytAge Laboratories manufactures Type2Defense in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility using all-natural ingredients. Active ingredients in Type2Defense include bitter melon, yarrow, cinnamon, licorice extract, and gymnema sylvestre extract, among others.
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How Does Type2Defense Work?
Type2Defense contains a blend of plant extracts, root extracts, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other active ingredients to target the root cause of high blood sugar.
To fight back against high blood sugar, Type2Defense “increases the amount of a little-known ‘super enzyme’,” according to PhytAge Labs. That enzyme is AMPK, and it’s linked to both cellular energy and blood sugar control.
Diabetics tend to have very low levels of this enzyme. By raising levels of this enzyme, you could target high blood sugar.
According to PhytAge Labs, the supplement can help you “break free” from fatigue, weight gain, and other symptoms associated with diabetes. By taking two capsules of Type2Defense daily, you can use a blend of handpicked natural ingredients to fight back against high blood sugar by raising levels of the AMPK enzyme.
One of the most important ingredients in Type2Defense is a “tiny white flower herb” called yarrow. This herb can single handedly support healthy blood sugar. By combining the herb with other active ingredients in Type2Defense, you could achieve powerful results.
Overall, each capsule of Type2Defense contains a blend of natural ingredients specially chosen for their effects against blood sugar – including yarrow and other active ingredients shown to activate AMPK.
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Type2Defense Ingredients
Type2Defense contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, root extracts, amino acids, berry extracts, and other active ingredients.
In fact, Robert describes Type2Defense as a blend of 19 ingredients “designed to quickly get your blood sugar levels into the normal and healthy range.”
Here are all of the ingredients in Type2Defense and how they work:
Bitter Melon Extract: Found in many diabetes formulas and blood sugar support supplements, bitter melon has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. Today, we know the benefits of bitter melon appear to come from its natural antioxidant effects.
Cinnamon Bark Extract: Cinnamon bark extract is a popular natural blood sugar remedy, and some diabetics take cinnamon bark extract daily for blood sugar balance.
Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Extract: Licorice extract had a long history of use in traditional medicine before it was used as a candy. Today, manufacturers use deglycyrrhizinated licorice extract to maximize the benefits of licorice while minimizing added compounds. Several studies have connected licorice consumption specifically to blood sugar balance.
Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf Powder: Gymnema sylvestre leaf powder is one of the best-known diabetes supplement ingredients available today. Like bitter melon and cinnamon, gymnema sylvestre has been connected to blood sugar balance across numerous studies while also being backed by a long history of use in traditional medicine. Today, the plant extract is prized for its natural ability to support healthy blood sugar levels.
Banaba Leaf Extract: Like licorice, bitter melon, and gymnema sylvestre, banaba leaf extract is well-known in the blood sugar supplement space for its purported ability to balance blood sugar. Robert Altwen, who helped create Type2Defense, specifically identified banaba leaf extract as a powerful way to support healthy blood sugar without strict dieting or exercising.
L-Taurine: Taurine is an amino acid found in many types of foods – including meat and fish. Robert describes taurine as a “mysterious nutrient” that plays an active role in providing glucose homeostasis. In other words, it helps your body manage blood glucose levels. Studies show diabetics tend to have lower levels of taurine than non-diabetics. By taking a taurine supplement, you could promote healthy blood sugar levels. As further proof, Robert cites a study where people took taurine or a placebo for 12 weeks and improved insulin resistance, reduced cholesterol, and promoted healthy blood sugar. Taurine is one of the “big four” nutrients Robert recommends taking each day to balance blood sugar (along with manganese, yarrow, and biotin).
Mulberry Fruit Powder: Mulberry fruit powder is found in a variety of energy boosters and natural remedies – including everything from weight loss aids to immune boosters. Today, we know mulberry fruit powder works because it’s rich with vitamin C. Many fruits contain vitamin C – one of nature’s best antioxidants. Like other antioxidants, vitamin C can neutralize free radicals throughout the body, helping your body manage inflammation. Diabetics tend to have higher inflammation than non-diabetics, which could make mulberry particularly useful.
Yarrow Herb Powder: Yarrow is the “tiny white flower herb” mentioned on the Type2Defense website. Although it’s one of the smallest ingredients in the formula overall, it’s listed as one of the most important ingredients. Yarrow has a long history of use in traditional medicine as a natural energy booster. Today, according to Robert Altwen, that same plant extract is prized for a compound called “inuline” that’s linked to insulin production and blood sugar balance. Taking yarrow alone could support healthy blood sugar levels, but it works particularly well when combined with the other active ingredients in Type2Defense.
Manganese: Robert Antwen, creator of Type2Defense, describes manganese as a “little-known and overlooked mineral.” It “plays a very important role in regulating your blood sugar.” In fact, studies show diabetics tend to have lower levels of manganese than non-diabetics. Other studies have connected manganese to insulin production. If you’re getting enough manganese, then your body should produce insulin as normal. If not, then your body may not be producing sufficient insulin. Manganese is also involved in hundreds of processes throughout the body.
Cayenne Pepper Extract: Cayenne pepper extract is typically found in weight loss aids – not blood sugar support formulas. It’s packed with capsaicin, a natural molecule linked to healthy inflammation and overall antioxidant effects. Like juniper berry and mulberry, cayenne pepper could support healthy inflammation throughout the body, making it easier to balance your blood sugar naturally. Surprisingly, some studies have specifically connected cayenne with blood sugar. A 2017 study, for example, found capsaicin reduced blood glucose by increasing insulin levels in a group of diabetic rats.
Alpha Lipoic Acid: Alpha lipoic acid is a natural antioxidant molecule found in blood sugar supplements, weight loss aids, and more. Some diabetics take alpha lipoic acid daily for blood sugar balance. As Mount Sinai explains, several studies have shown alpha lipoic acid can help lower blood sugar levels while also helping with diabetic neuropathy and insulin sensitivity.
Juniper Berry Powder: Juniper berry works for a similar reason to mulberry: it’s packed with vitamin C, which has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Juniper berry was historically used to boost immunity and support overall health and wellness. In Type2Defense, those same antioxidant effects could make juniper berry a valuable blood sugar support supplement.
Chromium: Chromium is one of the most important nutritional supplements for diabetics to take, and many diabetics take chromium supplements daily. Studies show diabetics tend to have lower chromium levels than non-diabetics, and that taking a chromium supplement could promote healthy blood sugar. A 2004 review found chromium supplementation was “found to improve blood glucose control” when taken at a daily dose of 200 to 1,000mcg. Each serving of Type2Defense contains 148mcg of chromium.
Biotin: Biotin is one of the most popular nutrients for diabetics to take, and many diabetics take biotin daily in supplement form. Biotin is crucial for transforming the food you eat into energy you can use – something diabetics often struggle with. Robert Altwen cites one study where biotin “reduced fasting blood sugar levels up to 45% in type 2 diabetic patients.” That’s why Robert recommends diabetics take biotin.
Vitamins C & E: We highlighted the importance of vitamin C above. However, Type2Defense contains an additional dose of vitamin C on its own. Vitamins C and E are two of nature’s best antioxidants, and Type2Defense contains both nutrients. These vitamins have been linked to healthy inflammation throughout the body, and they appear to neutralize free radicals. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables also contain high amounts of vitamins C and E, which is one reason why these diets are considered healthy.
Magnesium & Zinc: Rounding out the Type2Defense formula are two important minerals: magnesium and zinc. These two minerals are crucial for hormone production, immune system function, and overall health and wellness. They’re involved in hundreds of processes throughout the human body – including blood sugar balance.
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What to Benefits Expect After Taking Type2Defense
According to PhytAge Labs and the official Type2Defense website, people with high blood sugar could experience significant effects after taking Type2Defense.
Here are some of the effects you may experience after taking the supplement daily:
Avoid Prescription Drugs & Side Effects: Many doctors prescribe drugs like metformin to diabetics to help balance blood sugar. However, PhytAge Labs claims Type2Defense works “with no prescription drugs” needed, helping you balance blood sugar without prescription medication. In fact, the official Type2Defense website specifically lists dangers associated with metformin, the popular diabetes drug.
Avoid Diet or Exercise: Many doctors recommend dieting or exercising to help support healthy blood sugar. In fact, a healthy diet and exercise program is the most science-backed way to support healthy blood sugar. However, PhytAge Labs claims Type2Defense works specifically “with no prescription drugs, no crazy diet or exercise program.”
Eat Your Favorite Foods Again: One of the hardest parts of diabetes is giving up your favorite foods. According to PhytAge Labs, however, Type2Defense can help you enjoy your favorite foods again.
Avoid Cravings for Sweets & Food: Fluctuating blood sugar levels make you crave sweets, carbs, and other types of foods. It’s hard to resist these cravings. The more blood sugar levels fluctuate, the harder it is to avoid cravings. Type2Defense claims to balance blood sugar, minimizing cravings for sweets and carbs.
Automatically Lose Weight: Type2Defense “automatically causes you to lose weight,” according to the official website. Many diabetics struggle with weight loss. In fact, Type2Defense creator Robert Antwen claims “you will lose 20, 40 or even 60 or more pounds” with Type2Defense.
Boost Energy: Diabetics tend to have lower energy than non-diabetics. Fluctuating blood sugar levels can make you peak and crash throughout the day, causing you to feel lethargic all day long.
Avoid Burning or Tingling in Your Extremities: Many diabetics struggle with burning, numbness, or tingling in their extremities. High blood sugar is linked to diabetic neuropathy, and symptoms of diabetic neuropathy include nerve pain or tingling in your extremities.
Avoid the Stress of Future Diabetes Complications: Many diabetics worry about their future health. They’re concerned about losing their limbs, avoiding their favorite foods for the rest of their lives, or experiencing cardiovascular health issues, among other problems.
Enjoy Normal & Healthy Blood Sugar Levels: The herbs in Type2Defense will help you enjoy “normal and healthy blood sugar levels,” according to the official website. As the name suggests, Type2Defense is specifically designed to defend your body against type 2 diabetes, a condition characterized by high blood sugar levels.
According to the official Type2Defense website, the formula has been proven to work for “over 20,000 men and women of all ages and health situations right now.” Whether you have type II diabetes or are simply struggling with blood sugar, Type2Defense could be the solution you need.
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Dosage Recommendations
PhytAge Labs recommends taking two Type2Defense capsules with a glass of water each morning. Every bottle comes with 60 capsules to last you 30 days, hence the need to ensure you don’t skip or attempt to take more than the recommended number of pills.
Besides following the dosage recommendations, you may also want to consult a nutritionist to ensure you’re observing a healthy diet. Remember, the foods present in your daily diet can affect your metabolic rates, including how well these capsules work for blood sugar control.
Type2Defense Pricing
As part of a 2024 promotion, Type2Defense is priced at USD 69.95 per bottle – down from the usual price of USD 120 per bottle. The more bottles you buy, the more you save.
Here’s how pricing works when ordering Type2Defense online today:
Buy Phytage Labs Type2 Defense 1 Bottle: USD 69.95 + Free Shipping;
Buy Phytage Labs Type2 Defense 2 Bottles: USD 119.90 (USD 59.95 Per Bottle) + Free Shipping;
Buy Phytage Labs Type2 Defense 4 Bottles: USD 199.80 (USD 49.95 Per Bottle) + Free Shipping.
Each bottle of Type2Defense contains 60 capsules (30 servings). You take two capsules daily to promote healthy blood sugar.
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Where To Buy Type2Defense And Refund Policy?
Type2Defense is exclusively available on its official website, ensuring that customers receive the genuine, high-quality formulation directly from the source. Venturing outside of its official domain might expose one to counterfeits or subpar products.
To guarantee that you’re investing in the authentic and effective Type2Defense supplement, it’s imperative to visit the Type2Defense official website. Not only does this safeguard your health, but it also ensures you’re getting the full value of this acclaimed product.
Refund Policy: Type2Defense comes with a great money-back guarantee that offers you a full refund of your money for 90 days. If you are not happy with the results of this product, then this is a good policy because you will not be worried that it will be a waste of your money if you are not satisfied with the results. We are so confident in its product that it is willing to refund you the total amount if you are not satisfied with it. Only when a product has been carefully researched and there is no possibility of failure, can you have this confidence level.
Phytage Labs Type2 Defense FAQ’s
What exactly is Type2Defense?
Type2Defense is a dietary supplement designed to regulate blood sugar levels and assist with weight management, using a blend of natural ingredients.
How does Type2Defense work?
It works by enhancing insulin sensitivity, controlling sugar cravings, and improving metabolism, thereby stabilizing blood sugar levels and supporting weight management.
Where can I purchase Type2Defense?
Type2Defense is available for purchase exclusively on its official website, offering various pricing options and a 90-day money-back guarantee.
What are the key ingredients in Type2Defense?
Key ingredients include Gymnema Sylvestre, Banaba leaves, Bitter Melon, Cinnamon Bark, Licorice Root, Juniper Berry, Chromium, and Cayenne, each contributing to its effectiveness.
Is Type2Defense safe and effective?
Type2Defense is made with well-researched, natural ingredients and has received positive reviews for its safety and effectiveness in managing blood sugar levels and weight.
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Type2Defense has become one of the most talked about blood sugar control supplements offered today. It stands out from its competition due to its use of naturally sourced ingredients in the formula and its ability to deliver on its promises. PhytAge Labs claims that Type2Defense has already benefited 800,000+ customers, showing just how popular it is and why you should try it. User testimonials show its benefits are diverse and that its natural formulation has no side effects.
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