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10 Best Bali Travel Blogs & Websites in 2024

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As a seasoned traveler and Bali enthusiast, I've spent countless hours scouring the internet for the best travel advice on this Indonesian paradise. After years of exploration and countless rice terrace sunsets, I'm excited to share my curated list of the top 10 Bali travel blogs for 2024. These gems have been my go-to resources, helping me uncover hidden beaches, find the most authentic local cuisine, and immerse myself in Balinese culture. So, grab your virtual sarong, and let's dive into the crème de la crème of Bali blogging!
1. Bali Bliss Seeker (
When it comes to luxury travel in Bali, nobody does it better than Sarah from Bali Bliss Seeker. Her blog is a treasure trove of information on high-end resorts, spa treatments, and exclusive experiences. What I love most about Sarah's content is how she balances opulence with authenticity. She'll guide you to a five-star cliff-top resort in Uluwatu, then show you the best local warung (small family-owned restaurant) just around the corner. Her photography is stunning, and her detailed reviews have saved me from many a tourist trap.
2. The Bali Nomad (
For digital nomads and long-term travelers, Jack's blog, The Bali Nomad, is an absolute must-read. As someone who's lived in Bali for over five years, Jack offers invaluable insights into the practicalities of island life. From finding the best co-working spaces in Canggu to navigating visa extensions, his blog has been my lifeline during extended stays. What sets Jack apart is his deep dive into Balinese culture – he's always sharing about local festivals, customs, and off-the-beaten-path experiences that most tourists miss.
3. Eco Bali Adventures (
In an age of increasing environmental awareness, Emma's blog, Eco Bali Adventures, is a breath of fresh air. She focuses on sustainable travel, showcasing eco-friendly accommodations, responsible tour operators, and conservation initiatives across the island. Thanks to Emma, I discovered a turtle conservation project in Pemuteran and learned how to reduce my plastic usage while traveling. Her practical tips on being a responsible tourist have dramatically changed how I approach my Bali trips.
4. Bali Food Safari (
Calling all foodies! If you're anything like me and believe that experiencing a culture through its cuisine is essential, then you'll love Bali Food Safari. Run by local chef Wayan, this blog is my ultimate guide to Balinese and Indonesian cuisine. From street food tours in Denpasar to cooking classes in Ubud, Wayan's recommendations have never steered me wrong. His in-depth articles on local ingredients and traditional cooking methods have even inspired me to try recreating some dishes at home.
5. Spiritual Bali Journey (
Bali isn't called the Island of the Gods for nothing, and no one captures its spiritual essence better than Maya on her blog, Spiritual Bali Journey. Her content focuses on yoga retreats, meditation centers, and sacred sites across the island. Through Maya's blog, I discovered the tranquil water temples of Tampaksiring and learned about participating in a traditional Balinese purification ceremony. If you're seeking inner peace and spiritual growth, Maya's blog is your ultimate guide.
6. Bali Adventure Junkie (
For adrenaline seekers like myself, Tom's blog, Bali Adventure Junkie, is the holy grail of thrill-seeking activities in Bali. From white-water rafting on the Ayung River to night diving with manta rays in Nusa Penida, Tom has tried it all and lives to tell the tale. His detailed guides, complete with safety tips and operator recommendations, have helped me push my boundaries and experience Bali's wild side. Just be warned – reading his blog may result in spontaneous bookings of volcano hikes and paragliding sessions!
7. The Bali Photographer (
As someone who loves capturing memories, I can't get enough of Andi's blog, The Bali Photographer. While it's primarily aimed at photography enthusiasts, even amateur shutterbugs like me find immense value in his content. Andi shares the best spots for sunrise and sunset shots, tips for capturing the vibrant Balinese culture, and even camera settings for challenging environments like waterfalls and temples. Thanks to his advice, my Instagram game has improved tenfold, and I've discovered some incredibly photogenic locations off the tourist trail.
8. Funky Fresh Travels (
Traveling with kids? Check out Eric blog, Funky Fresh Travels! With three kids of her own, Eric an expert on family-friendly travel across the island. His blog features everything from kid-friendly dining spots and hotels to activities that'll keep the entire family smiling. Even though I don't have kids, Eric tips have been my go-to for planning trips for friends with families. His advice on navigating Bali with little ones is pure gold!
9. Budget Bali Bites (
Who says you need deep pockets to enjoy Bali? Certainly not Alex from Budget Bali Bites! This blog has been my savior during leaner travel times, showing me how to experience the best of Bali without breaking the bank. From affordable guesthouses and hostels to free beach clubs and happy hour deals, Alex knows all the tricks to stretch your rupiah. What I appreciate most is that he doesn't compromise on experiences – you'll still find tips for visiting major attractions and enjoying local culture, just with a budget-friendly twist.
10. Bali Surf Scene (
Last but certainly not least is Bali Surf Scene, run by local surf instructor Ketut. Whether you're a complete beginner (like I was on my first trip) or a seasoned pro, this blog has something for every surfer. Ketut provides detailed break reports, seasonal guides, and recommendations for surf schools and board rentals. Thanks to his blog, I caught my first wave in Kuta, discovered the less crowded breaks of Medewi, and learned about surf etiquette in Bali. Even if you're not into surfing, his beach guides and ocean conservation articles make for fascinating reads.
There you have it – my top 10 Bali travel blogs for 2024! Each of these blogs has contributed significantly to my Bali adventures over the years, helping me discover the island's magic beyond the typical tourist experience. Whether you're planning your first trip or your fifteenth, I guarantee you'll find valuable insights and inspiration from these fantastic bloggers.
Remember, Bali is an island of endless discovery. Use these blogs as a starting point, but don't be afraid to create your own adventures and stumble upon your personal piece of paradise. After all, that's what makes travel so exhilarating!
So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring these blogs, book that ticket, and get ready for the Bali trip of a lifetime. Trust me, once you experience the warmth of the Balinese people, the beauty of the landscapes, and the richness of the culture, you'll be planning your next visit before you even leave the island. Selamat jalan (have a good journey) and sampai jumpa di Bali (see you in Bali)!