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How to add a Telegram bot to a group?

Bots can be a great way to make your Telegram Subscription Bot group more fun and engaging. And if you have a very active group that requires people to moderate it, bots can also take care of some of the tedious admin tasks, such as recognizing offensive content.
You can add a bot to your group by searching for it in the "members" section. After addition, you and your members can interact with the bot using specific commands. For example, if you add a poll bot, you can start, view and close polls. Simply tag the bot and follow the instructions.
How to create a Telegram bot for your company
If you want to create a Telegram bot for your company, you have two options: use BotFather or the Telegram API.
Keep in mind, however, that developing a good Telegram bot requires a good idea of how to develop it, and there may also be concerns about data security and privacy.
Since there is no commercial version of Telegram, such as WhatsApp Business, we don't recommend you just use the regular app. Unless you have IT and legal departments to support you, your company may be in breach of GDPR.
Also, without IT expertise, you won't be able to easily integrate payment or CRM systems with your Telegram.
For a scalable and easy-to-use enterprise solution, we suggest using professional messaging platforms that offer Telegram-specific features for businesses. With Sinch Engage, for example, you have access to a professional platform with easy and secure access to the most widely used messaging apps in the Spanish-speaking world, such as Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
You can activate the messaging app you want to use for your company by simply selecting a channel.