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Immigration to a foreign country itself is a very big change and people decide to do this after weighing all their options and analyzing all the aspects. So, if you have also made up your mind to move to another country then you must have thought about many aspects of it and finding a reliable and committed student visa consultant is one of the most significant aspects. The Study Visa Consultant in Chandigarh is your guide who will provide all the assistance and hand-holding required throughout the process and after that as well. A genuine student visa consultant is the one that ensures smooth migration of the clients and a happy life after that, though it is not easy to find such a consultant these days.

Here is how you can look for a study visa consultant:

1. The most popular and age old method is getting the references from the friends and relatives or people in the extended families who have also pursued the same path. Even today, this is the first thing people do, so you can also do it but do not trust it blindly. Do carry out a thorough research about it. Also, do research about them on internet and get the list of at least top 10 consultants who deal with Student Visa Consultants in Chandigarh.

2. After that, the next step is to shortlist the best 5 or 6 out of the 10 on the basis of online reviews and client’s feedbacks sharing their experiences. You can also visit their online platforms to view the testimonials as this is an evidence of their great service.

3. Now you have the best 5 or 6 which should be your focus. You must visit the websites of each one of them to know about their office address, location, types of services offered, and most importantly whether they are authorized to provide consultation for visa or not, make sure to shortlist the ones who have the authorization to do that.
4. Once you are clear about their credentials, you should call them to fix an appointment to visit the office to have a counselling session from the visa counsellor. They should be happy and welcoming about it and should give you the first possible date and time to visit them.
5. Before you go there, you need to know a little about the process and the important questions to ask, therefore you must do a little research about these things online so that you are better prepared for the counselling session. You could also jot down your questions that you want to be answered.
6. Reach the office of the student visa consultant on time with an open and clear mind. Upon meeting the Counsellor tell about your wishes and plans and what you think is suitable for you so that he or she gets the idea about what you desire so that the best option can be offered. Let them assess your documents and answer their questions honestly as it is required for best analysis.
7. Now, listen carefully to the options they give and understand the logic behind that along with the pros and cons, ask as many questions as possible. If they do not hesitate in answering any question then it means they are genuine.
8. They will explain you the process of applying for student visa in detail explaining every step involved along with the financial aspects and documents needed for the process, understand all very well. A proficient consultant will explain you things in simple comprehendible language so that you get everything clearly.

9.Also, ask for the additional services that they offer to their clients (which you have also read on their website). A well-established consultancy offers many services like SOP writing, loan assistance, scholarships, travel planning, making foreign currency available etcetera.

10.An experienced consultancy will have English teachers who could prepare you well for the IELTS or PTE or any other test needed for your study visa, do ask about that.
If you get all the information and answers promptly and clearly then this is the best consultant for your study visa application and you must Proceed further work as per their guidance to fulfil your dream as soon as possible.
How to Apply for a Student Visa in Canada
Canada is the land of dreams and hopes for people of many nationalities including Indians and is the most sought after country for immigration for some time now. Annually, a big number of people apply for student visa to Canada so that they can have better education and opportunities to have a flourishing career and prosperous life. Although Canada is a very friendly and welcoming nation but similar to any other country it also has its set of rules and policies for immigration which are not simple to be understood by common people and that makes it important for aspirants to consult a good Canada student visa consultant to apply for it.

Here is the step by step process followed for the same:

Get the Profile analyzed: The initial step in this process is to get your profile assessed by a good visa consultant who has great knowledge and experience in the field of immigration as only he or she will be able to assess your profile accurately and suggest you the right course. For example; if you have done Masters here then it is suitable that you go for PR visa and not the student visa as it will save your years. Al though the final decision is yours only but they will give you the best possible option.
Finalize the University & Course: The next step is to choose the course you wish to do which must be selected keeping in mind the future career prospects and the competent visa consultant will be able to tell you about the courses as per the demand of the job market because that is the purpose of education. Once that is chosen, you are required to pick the best university or college to pursue the course from. Here too the consultant can tell you about the value given to a certain university for a certain course along with all the pros and cons of that. This makes it easy for you to make up your mind and decide which university is best for you. It is a very big task as the whole future life depends on it so it must be done wisely.

Prepare & clear the required English test: It is a well-known fact that some or the other kind of English proficiency test is required by the Canadian universities to accept the international students whose primary language is not English to ensure good education and comfortable stay in their nation. IELTS is the most accepted test in Canada and other countries but some other tests are also accepted like PTE. Check with your consultant about the test you need to clear and then practice well for that. Most of the good consultancies have teachers who prepare the aspirants to clear the tests so make use of that. You should score the required marks to be able to get the admission offer letter from the university.

Get the documents Ready: While you are preparing for the English test, get the entire documents ready which are required for the further process including the financial proof. If you do not have sufficient funds and need to get the student education loan then you must do it right now so that everything is ready at the time of application. A well-established consultant will be able to extend the services and assist you to get the loan easily.

Apply to the University: As soon as you get the English test score and your documents ready, the consultant applies to the university on your behalf to get the enrolment letter. This is an important step as all the documents should be in the correct order and format. A well-written SOP is also attached with it to convince the university about the genuineness of your candidature. A proficient student visa consultant could help you in this regard too as they know too well how to write it.
Apply for Student Visa to the embassy: Once the enrolment letter is received, the visa consultant will apply for the student visa to the embassy. It is extremely important that the documents are presented well and in a certain order to clarify every aspect of your application for visa officer to understand it clearly, this is an art that a good visa consultant has mastery in, that is why they are the best people for the job. Once the application is submitted, you need to wait for the visa to get approved.
Face Visa interview: If the visa officer wants to conduct an interview then you must be ready to face it, though it is not mandatory but you might have to. A competent Student Visa Consultant will let you know how to prepare for this interview so that you could answer confidently and could convince the visa officer about your good intentions. Lastly, you just need to wait to get the approval.
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