Invest on the house of your dreams

As you enter Prestige Southern Star expansive area, its grandeur becomes apparent. This township, which spans acres of land, is a monument to the pinnacle of luxurious living. Standing tall, the high-rise buildings provide a variety of 1, 2, 2.5, and 3 BHK apartments in different proportions to accommodate every kind of lifestyle. Prestige Southern Star has options for everyone, whether you're a young professional looking for a cosy place to call home or a growing family looking for plenty of space.
Prestige Southern Star's dedication to protecting the environment in the middle of the city is one of its most alluring qualities. Every time a homeowner steps outside their home, they are welcomed by a scene that is invigorating since open spaces with rich greenery surround 80% of the land. Thoughtful incorporation of water features and landscaping enhances the visual appeal and creates a calm environment for daily life.
Every house at Prestige Southern Star is painstakingly designed to follow Vaastu Shastra's precepts. These spacious, well-lit flats guarantee peace and positivity permeate every corner in addition to providing a comfortable living area. The design's meticulous attention to detail guarantees that homeowners feel at ease and content in their houses, turning them into a haven they eager to visit every day.
At Prestige Southern Star, embracing a luxurious and convenient lifestyle goes beyond simply owning a house. The township offers a wide range of amenities to meet every need and preference of its citizens. Every element of life here is carefully designed to provide an unmatched experience, from cutting-edge fitness centers to calm meditation areas, from vibrant community areas to peaceful walking trails. Prestige Southern Star Amenities