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SlashPage Vs. Wix: Why SlashPage?

Brands love us
We waited until we could do it right.
SlashPage's free suite of tools one-ups that of Wix's
You know how to use Wix to make webpages. But with SlashPage, you
can build something larger- get a boost from SEO access, blogs, live chats!
(for free plans)
Make Websites
Make Blogs
Make Communities
Completely Free
Make a site in SECONDS
Choose Any Design
Instantly SEO Ready
Multiple Collaborators (2+)
Custom Domain
Live Website Chat
SlashPage is rated #1 in Product Hunt
Slashpage consistently ranks as a top webbuilder based on dozens of customer reviews.
But don't take our word for it. Check out our reviews on ProductHunt
93% of reviews
4% of reviews
SlashPage's functions maximize your efficiency!
Duplicate any SlashPage that you like!
It's incredibly easy to discover new SlashPages on our discover page! If any of the existing pages interest you, you can duplicate them, if the owner enables duplication!
Insert live chats and channels into your SlashPage!
For free, you can insert live chats, whether it is for your own page users, or for servicing customer support! You can also insert images and files and react with emojis- just like a typical messenger!
Collaborate live with as many users as you want!
Build a wonderful page, blog, community, catalog - whatever you imagine- with collaboration! Changes are updated live, without a delay, allowing instantaneous update of your changes and collaborator's changes!
Your site is instantly SEO ready and ready to share!
Regardless of what you have built, SEO is a basic necessity in this day and age! By default your page is incorporated into the sitemap, allowing for the best SEO results and tracking of analytics - all for free! If you do want more premium analytics, you do have the choice to link it with Meta's Pixel ID and Google Analytics ID!
Increase your productivity with SlashPage
Reduced time with SlashPage
Replaced more than two tools
Reduced time to complete a project
Reduced email communication

See why SlashPage is the best tool for you
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