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You can now transfer ownership of your site!
Have you ever had a website admin change and needed to transfer owner permissions to someone else? Now you can transfer ownership of your site to a member with the Transfer Ownership feature. There are 2 ways to transfer ownership Site permissions only Selecting "Site permissions only" changes you to a member with "Can post / comment" permissions and transfers ownership of the site to the member you choose. In this case, the only thing that changes is the owner of the site. Including your activities Selecting "Including your activities" changes not only the owner of the site, but also the existing owner's posts, comments, reactions, direct messages, and other activity to the member you choose. Example: When A (the site's owner) transfers ownership of the site to B (a member), if A selects "Including your activities", all posts, direct messages, comments, and reactions that A created within the site will be changed to B's after the ownership transfer.
Check out the Feature Preview to see what's available!
💡 Now, you can preview feature descriptions and examples before adding blocks! We've added a window where you can see a functional description and example of a block before adding it to your site. Check out the feature preview by clicking the Add button in the toolbar on the top or the + button on the left of a block. If there's a feature you're looking for, you can 🔍 search for it in the preview window. Scroll through the list of blocks on the left to see what's available. If you look carefully, you might find something that makes you go, "Huh? I didn't know this, this looks great!" Once you've found a feature you want, you can add it to your site by clicking + on the list, + Add button at the bottom right, or Enter on your keyboard.