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(Download) Take Two, Birdie Maxwell by Allison Winn Scotch

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Hollywood?s biggest rom-com star tries to recover from her damaged reputation by staging her own rom-com and following a lead on a lost love.?Birdie Maxwell thought she?d gotten everything she wanted out of life: fame, adoration, and an A-list Hollywood career. But after an on-set feud goes viral, she leaves L.A. for the one place no one would think to find her: her hometown. There, she?s startled to stumble upon a love letter from a former boyfriend asking for a second chance--but there?s just one problem: the letter was unsigned and she?s not sure which ex sent it. Still, a public reunion with an ex-boyfriend could turn the wave of public opinion back in her favor. Life imitating art. What could go wrong?? Elliot O?Brien, star reporter, knows life isn?t an actual rom-com. Case in point: He?s spent two decades suppressing his long-simmering feelings for his twin sister?s best friend, Birdie. But with his journalism career cratering and Birdie back in their hometown at the same time