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(Download) The Silver Bone (The Kyiv Mysteries, #1) by Andrey Kurkov

PDF Book Read The Silver Bone (The Kyiv Mysteries, #1) by Andrey Kurkov
From the Ukrainian Stieg Larsson, a perplexing mystery from a world-renowned literary master that introduces a rookie detective, Samson Kolechko, in Kiev tackling his first case, set against real life details of the tumultuous early twentieth century. Kyiv, 1919. World War I has ended in Western Europe, but to the East, six factions vie for control of Ukraine.?Amidst the instability, young Samson Kolechko places his engineering career on hold. But in the city of Kyiv ?where competing patrols, black-market enterprise, and mayhem prevail? everything remains up for grabs and new opportunity lurks just around the corner . . .? When two Red Army soldiers commandeer his home, Samson plays the reluctant host. As Samson juggles his personal life ?a budding romance with the ingenious Nadezhda, a statistician helping run the city?s census? with the soldiers? imposition, he winds up overhearing their secret plans. Deciding to report them, Samson instead finds himself unwittingly recruited as an