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(Read) PDF Book Doctoring Fate (Outer Limits Quadrant, #2) by Alexis B. Osborne

PDF Book Instant Read Doctoring Fate (Outer Limits Quadrant, #2) by Alexis B. Osborne
Aliens desperately want what?s in her blood, and it?s up to him to get it?but all he wants is her heart.
Darcy has wanted to be a doctor for as long as she can remember. Working as a combat medic in the military and eventually entering medical school, it?s right within her grasp?until her exposure to a deadly toxin leaves her bedbound. Her world shrinks to a single room, one forgotten by the military, school, and her family.Until the day General Amato comes knocking with the deal of a lifetime: the military?s blood nano Vaccine, a cure, in exchange for willing participation on a dangerous mission. They must travel straight into the unknown heart of the wormhole in search of the missing Sasha Robinson.All goes surprisingly well until she and her team crash land on an alien world hellbent on killing them. Carnivorous flowers, ambulatory trees, fantastic creatures straight out of fairy tales? and two green-scaled lizardmen offering a helping hand?Maddox is the Raxion planet?s