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(Read Book) Just Like Magic by Sarah Hogle

PDF Books Instant Read Just Like Magic by Sarah Hogle
Bettie Hughes once knew the comfort of luxury, flaunting a ridiculous collection of designer shoes and a stealthy addiction to CBD oils. That is, until her parents snipped her purse strings. Long obsessed with her public image, Bettie boasts an extravagant lifestyle on social media. But the reality is: Bettie is broke and squatting in Colorado, and her family has no idea. Christmas, with its pressure to meet familial expectations, is looming when a drunk Bettie plays a vinyl record of ?All I Want for Christmas Is You? backwards and accidentally conjures Hall, an unexpectedly charming Holiday Spirit in the form of a man. Once the shock wears off, Bettie knows she?s stumbled upon the greatest gift: a chance to make all her holiday wishes come true, plus a ready-made fianc?. But as the wiles of magic lose their charm, Bettie finds herself set off-kilter by Hall?s sweet gestures. Suddenly, Bettie is finding her heart merry and light. But the happier she gets, the shorter Hall?s time on