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(Download pdf) Pelican Girls by Julia Malye

PDF Books Instant Read Pelican Girls by Julia Malye
A sweeping epic in the vein of Philipp Meyer?s The Son and Min Jin Lee?s Pachinko and inspired by a true story, this stunning US literary debut captures the never-before-told journey of the Baleine Brides: a ship full of young women plucked from a Paris asylum and sent to marry settlers in North America's rough Louisiana Territory.Paris, 1720. La Salp?tri?re hospital is in crisis: too many occupants, not enough beds. Halfway across the world, France's colony in the wilds of North America has space to spare and needs families to fill it. So the director of the hospital rounds up nearly a hundred female ?volunteers? of childbearing age?orphans, prisoners, and mental patients?to be shipped to New Orleans.Among this group are three unlikely friends: a sharp-tongued twelve-year old orphan, a mute ?madwoman,? and an accused abortionist. Charlotte, P?tronille, and Genevi?ve, along with the dozens of other women aboard La Baleine, have no knowledge of what lies ahead and no control over