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(Read) PDF Book A New Beau by Molly McCarthy

Instant Read PDF Book A New Beau by Molly McCarthy
Will her freedom be ripped away before she gets a chance to really live?Emma Anderson has been controlled by her abusive father since the moment she was born. She never got a chance at a normal life, and when she finds herself in the hands of human traffickers, it seems like she never will. When a twist of fate leads to her being rescued by a powerful, handsome ex-cop, Emma is given a second chance to live the life she?s always longed for.Hours after quitting the police force, Beau McNally is out for revenge on a personal vendetta when he discovers Emma?an angel in the middle of hell. His sense of protectiveness over her isn?t surprising, but his attraction to her is. Emma is nowhere near his usual type, but her sweet softness calls to him like a siren.Despite his attempts to resist her, Beau finds himself falling hard for Emma. When the interest proves to be mutual, he resolves to show her all the things she's missed out on in her sheltered life?both in and out of the bedroom. But