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(Download) Once Persuaded, Twice Shy by Melodie Edwards

Instant Read PDF Books Once Persuaded, Twice Shy by Melodie Edwards
This modern reimagining of Persuasion is full of witty banter, romantic angst, and compelling characters as it captures the heart of the classic Jane Austen novel.When Anne Elliott broke up with Ben Wentworth, it seemed like the right thing to do . . . but now, eight years later, she?s not so sure.In her scenic hometown of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Anne is comfortable focusing on her successful filling her late mother?s shoes as town councilor and executive director of her theater company.?She certainly keeps busy as the all-around wrangler of eccentric locals, self-centered family members, elaborate festivals, and the occasional attacking goose.?But the more she tries to convince herself that her life is fine as is, the more it all feels like a show?and not nearly as good as the ones put on by her theater company. She?s the always responsible Anne, always taken for granted and cleaning up after other people, and the memories of happier times with Ben Wentworth still haunt her.So when the