ProjectAudio is a unique musical and development project that combines reimagined songs with the exploration of AI, machine learning, and Python.
At the heart of ProjectAudio is the music. I take my favorite songs and artists and reimagine them by using the vocals from the original tracks and creating entirely new songs. This process, similar to remixing or creating mashups, results in fresh and innovative musical interpretations.
ProjectAudio also delves into the development side of music creation. I explore and develop techniques for using AI, machine learning, and Python to analyze, stem, and modify music in novel ways. This involves pushing the boundaries of what is possible with these technologies and creating new tools and techniques for music production.
ProjectAudio began in March 2023 as a music project where I shared my reimagined songs. However, in November 2023, I embarked on a new journey, experimenting with AI, machine learning, and Python to enhance my music creation process. This led to the development of unique methods for analyzing, stemming, and modifying music, opening up new possibilities for musical expression.
ProjectAudio's mission is twofold: to create innovative and engaging music that captivates listeners and to push the boundaries of music production through the use of AI, machine learning, and Python. By combining these elements, ProjectAudio aims to create a truly immersive and transformative musical experience.
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