10 simple decorated nails that will be a trend this spring 2024

If you are one of those who are looking forward to new manicure trends, don't miss what is going to be worn on your nails for spring 2024. In this selection you will see some of the most sought-after nail designs for the spring season, with options for all ages. women's styles, although with a common premise: elegance. Which of these decorated nails that are going to be trending are you going to start spring with?
What nail colors are used in spring?
Vibrant colors enter the nail art scene with the arrival of spring every year and this 2024 will be no different. We will once again show off the pastel tones that bring luminosity to the hands, with protagonists such as butter yellow, pastel gray, pistachio green , and sky blue , as well as other classics such as lilac , mint green , peach or pink stick .
Red will continue to be worn in spring – the deep tone with warm nuances that is essential for winter 2024 –, black , chocolate brown and the range of nudes , which have become a basic for the entire year. Gold will be the best option for festive designs.
What type of nails are in fashion?
Without a doubt, French nails continue to be the most sought after, especially in their most current versions. This is the case of the tilted French ones, the micro French ones, the colored ones, the inverted ones and the metallic ones, among many others. In addition, natural nails are worn in different styles: from the romantic and flattering pale pink manicures , to the most versatile nude nails , through milky manicures and clean
nail art designs , all of them designed to enhance the beauty of the hands without great artifice. .
Shiny manicures in different finishes are also very popular : chrome – or mirror effect –, glazed – with iridescent shine – and pearlescent . In fact, the latter are also included in the trend of old money manicures , those that are inspired by those worn by upper class women in the 90s.
What is the name of the new nail trend?
Without a doubt, the trend that has emerged with force this 2024 is that of clean girl nails , which is based on clean and neat-looking manicures, very much in line with the aesthetics of silent luxury . These are simple nails, with hardly any decorative details – if anything minimalist – that stand out for their exhaustive care and an impeccable shiny finish
Spring 2024 nails: combined yellows
This butter yellow will be one of the essential shades of spring in fashion and will surely star in bright manicures like this one, in which French nails are combined with wavy and straight designs.