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ProNerve6 Reviews 2024 (Consumer Reports) Is it Legit? A Nerve Support Formula Truth Revealed By A Neuro Expert!

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ProNerve6 is a nerve health supplement designed to target numbness, tingling, and burning in your hands and feet.
Taking two capsules of ProNerve6 daily can purportedly resolve nerve pain using natural ingredients – including curcumin, alpha lipoic acid, and skullcap extract.
Does ProNerve6 work? How does ProNerve6 work? Keep reading our review to learn everything you need about the supplement today.
What is ProNerve6?
ProNerve6 is a nutritional supplement marketed to anyone struggling with nerve pain.
The doctor-formulated supplement uses herbs, plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, and other natural ingredients to help solve nerve pain.
To solve nerve pain, ProNerve6 targets the root cause: a “glitch” inside the brain. That glitch leads to neuroinflammation, or inflammation of brain cells, which causes tingling, numbness, and pins-and-needles in the extremities.
Taking two capsules of ProNerve6 daily can purportedly solve nerve pain using proven ingredients, helping you resume a mobile, pain-free, discomfort-free life.
ProNerve6 Benefits
Some of the benefits of ProNerve6, according to the official website, include:
Banish the burning, tingling, or numbness in your hands and feet
Alleviate diabetic, distal, and other types of neuropathy
All natural ingredients
Formulated by doctor
Made in the United States in FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility
Backed by 180-day money-back guarantee
How Does ProNerve6 Work?
ProNerve6 targets the root cause of nerve pain: a glitch in your brain that causes inflammation.
Typically, doctors blame diabetes, nerve damage, and poor blood flow for nerve pain.
However, the makers of ProNerve6 claim all types of neuropathy have a similar root cause: neuroinflammation caused by a brain glitch.
When left unchecked, that brain glitch will “completely kill off your nerves,” causing you to experience neuropathy. The brain glitch can even lead to the amputation of your limb.
Fortunately, the creators of ProNerve6 discovered a 10-second ritual from the Masai people of Africa. By taking ProNerve6 daily, you can use ingredients from that remedy and other natural ingredients to resolve nerve pain quickly.
How the 10-Second Masai Tribe Ritual Works
ProNerve6 is based on a 10-second Maasai tribal ritual that purportedly flushes out the enzymes created by neuroinflammation.
When your brain has a specific “glitch,” it leads to the development of brain inflammation. As your brain cells become inflamed, it creates enzymes that destroy your nerves. These enzymes travel throughout your body, killing your nerve cells and causing severe damage. This causes you to experience numbness, tingling, and burning in your extremities.
Taking two capsules of ProNerve6 daily can purportedly “flush” these nerve-killing enzymes from your body using the 10-second Masai tribal ritual. That ritual has three core effects:
Effect #1: Flush nerve-killing enzymes from your body
Effect #2: Repair and regrow damaged nerves
Effect #3: Banish pain and discomfort permanently
Many nerve pain medications work temporarily, simply halting symptoms of the condition. ProNerve6, however, is marketed as a permanent solution to nerve pain. You take it today, and the supplement repairs damaged nerves, helping you enjoy lasting relief.
Who Created ProNerve6?
ProNerve6 was created by Dr. Macasadia, a physical therapist specializing in nerve pain. Dr. Macasadia worked with a medical researcher named Dave Stephenson, who describes himself as a “former neuropathy sufferer.”
Dr. Macasadia developed ProNerve6 over two years of research. He sought to determine why nerve pain occurred on the cellular level. Then, he identified a series of natural ingredients to eliminate the root cause of nerve pain: a glitch deep inside the brain caused by a group of cells called microglia.
Eventually, Dr. Macasadia stumbled upon the Masai tribal ritual mentioned above, identified and isolated ingredients from that ritual, and added those ingredients to ProNerve6. Today, anyone can use those same ingredients to produce powerful nerve pain effects.
Who is Dr. Macasadia?
Dr. Macasadia is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and the chief formulator of ProNerve6. He developed it with Dave Stephenson, a former neuropathy sufferer.
Dr. Macasadia is a retired US Army medical officer. After years of research, he discovered the root cause of nerve pain – and created a supplement to help target that root cause.
Dr. Macasadia claims to have over a decade of experience specifically treating neuropathy. He’s seen how it affects the quality of life of America’s military veterans and everyday citizens.
Using his professional medical experience, Dr. Macasadia identified a series of natural ingredients to relieve neuropathy permanently.
Today, Dr. Macasadia lives in New Jersey with his wife and kids. He launched a supplement company called Physio Science Health Institute with other health professionals, creating supplements like ProNerve6 to help others experience lasting, powerful relief from common conditions. You can learn more about Dr. Macasadia on his LinkedIn profile.
ProNerve6 Ingredients
ProNerve6 contains natural ingredients to repair damaged nerves, banish nerve pain, and support nerve health in multiple ways.
Here are all of the ingredients in ProNerve6 and how they work:
Biletan (Alpha Lipoic Acid): Dr. Macasadia describes biletan as “one of the most effective ingredients for erasing symptoms of neuropathy,” citing several studies showing it works directly on the microglia enzyme. Biletan, more commonly known as alpha lipoic acid, inhibits the overactivity of the microglia, making it valuable for defending against nerve damage. Biletan may sound like a weird chemical, but it’s not: it’s a natural molecule found in the liver of certain animals. Because of its benefits, Dr. Macasadia describes biletan as a “miracle compound.”
Baicalin (Chinese Skullcap Extract): The second active ingredient in ProNerve6 is baicalin or Chinese skullcap extract. It’s been historically used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat boils, skin problems, ear problems, and more. However, Dr. Macasadia’s research showed baicalin could help with neuropathy by acting as a potent “nerve inhibitor.” His research showed it helps because it “suppresses the toxic enzymes caused by neuroinflammation” before those enzymes wreak havoc on your body.”
Carnitine: ProNerve6 contains a version of carnitine, also known as L-carnitine. It’s an amino acid that could have antioxidant effects, helping it act as a natural anti-inflammatory while protecting nerve cells. According to Dr. Macasadia, it acts like “a shield for your body against pins and needles” while also helping to regulate blood sugar.
Diferuloylmethane (Curcumin): Diferuloylmethane, better known as curcumin, is a root extract used for centuries as an herbal remedy for various ailments. It’s popular for everything from anti-aging to nerve and joint pain. Dr. Macasadia claims curcumin soothes nerve pain at the surface level, targeting nerve pain on your skin – even when taken as an oral supplement. Also Dr. Macasadia refers to the ingredient as diferuloylmethane, it’s better-known as curcumin, which is the active ingredient in turmeric.
ProNerve6 contains four powerful nerve agents designed to target nerve pain at the source.
ProNerve6 is gluten-free, hormone-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, antibiotic-free, and all-natural.
What to Expect After Taking ProNerve6
Some of the effects you could experience after taking ProNerve6, according to the manufacturer, include:
Permanently Eliminate Numbness, Burning, & Tingling: ProNerve6’s primary goal is to permanently eliminate the root cause of numbness, burning, and tingling. If you have diabetic, peripheral, or distal neuropathy, you may experience uncomfortable sensations in your hands and feet. ProNerve6 claims to eliminate the numbness, burning, tingling, and pins and needles associated with neuropathy, providing you with permanent relief.
Improve Balance & Mobility: Neuropathy can lead to balance issues. Some people with neuropathy are at an increased risk of falls, breaks, and fractures because of neuropathy, for example, while others end up in a wheelchair and lose their independence. ProNerve6 aims to improve balance and mobility by promoting nerve pain relief.
Banish Years of Neuropathy Damage: ProNerve6 is marketed to people with all types of nerve damage, including years of severe nerve damage or weeks of mild discomfort. By taking two capsules of ProNerve6 daily, you can purportedly erase “years of neuropathy” damage.
Decrease the Risk of Lifelong Pain & Paralysis: By healing nerve cells, ProNerve6 can significantly reduce the “risk of lifelong pain and even paralysis,” according to Dr. Macasadia and his team. Many people with untreated neuropathy end up as amputees or struggle with mobility because of their condition.
Turn Off the Microglia Switch: The microglia switch within your brain is causing nerve pain via neuroinflammation. The four active ingredients in ProNerve6 aim to turn off this switch, helping you enjoy lasting relief.
ProNerve6 Targets Three Common Causes of Neurotoxins
If you have nerve pain, it may not be your fault; instead, you may be bombarded by neurotoxins every day, which increase the risk of neuroinflammation.
Dr. Macasadia specifically identifies three neurotoxins linked to an increased risk of neuropathy:
Flame retardants
90% of household products—from plastics to clothes—contain one or more neurotoxins. Many of these toxins have even been banned in the European Union. However, they’re permitted in the United States—possibly because of Big Pharma’s influence.
Although you can’t avoid the three neurotoxins above, you can take a natural supplement – like ProNerve6 – to avoid the effects of these neurotoxins.
Why Haven’t You Heard About ProNerve6?
ProNerve6 claims to solve nerve pain quickly. The manufacturer mentions Gabapentin, acupuncture, and other alternative remedies, claiming ProNerve6 works with multiple therapies in one. So why haven’t you heard of ProNerve6?
Dr. Macasadia and his team blame big pharmaceutical companies for suppressing the true solution to nerve pain.
Big pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars from nerve pain medications like gabapentin. The painkilling drug market alone is a $25.4 billion industry.
According to Dr. Macasadia, some doctors “can pocket up to $2,000” for providing a pain-numbing steroid injection, giving them a financial incentive to continue using these drugs.
Surprisingly, Big Pharma’s solutions may not even work. Here’s how Dr. Macasadia explains it:
“…the pills and creams they give you only mask the pain, nerve curing it, so they can fatten their pockets.”
In comparison, ProNerve6 does claim to relieve nerve pain permanently. Instead of targeting the symptoms of nerve pain, ProNerve6 targets the root cause for long-term relief:
“Neuropathy is not a permanent condition you have to live with. Nerves can and do regrow. It’s simply a matter of initiating the microglia reset switch with the easy 10 second African inspired ritual…”
Dr. Macasadia claims his treatment is so controversial to big pharmaceutical companies in fact, that he’s putting his life at risk. Big pharmaceutical companies want him to take his website down and stop selling ProNerve6 – but Dr. Macasadia is willing to keep his website online to help neuropathy sufferers get relief:
“I’m willing to put myself in the line of fire either way…and I’m already dealing with potential legal injunctions every single day…”
Heroically, Dr. Macasadia intends to keep his website online despite threats made by big pharmaceutical companies, allowing sufferers around the world to enjoy lasting relief.
Neuropathy Medication Can Make Pain Worse
Many doctors prescribe gabapentin and other nerve pain drugs to treat nerve pain. Dr. Macasadia seems to advise against these treatments for two main reasons:
Gabapentin and other nerve pain drugs relieve symptoms of nerve pain while ignoring the root cause of nerve pain, putting you on an endless cycle of drugs
Some nerve pain drugs make pain worse
As proof, Dr. Macasadia cites one 2024 study showing gabapentin “suppresses nerve repair” by inhibiting pain.
New Breakthrough Identifies Underlying Cause of Nerve Damage, Changing Neuropathy Treatment Forever
ProNerve6 is based on the idea that microglial cells are important in initiating and maintaining nerve cells.
It’s part of a 2024 breakthrough into the root cause of nerve pain. In 2024, a researcher named Dr. Georgoudis found microglia participate in multiple aspects of nerve pain.,
Here’s how Dr. Macasadia summarizes the breakthrough:
…although there are many types of nerve pathways…there’s one thing they all have in common…that one thing is the root cause of nerve pain: overactive microglia resulting in neuroinflammation.
Neuroinflammation creates toxic enzymes that attack the myelin sheath, protecting nerve cells. When this myelin sheath is weak, it degrades nerve cells before they reach their source.
Dr. Macasadia and his team developed ProNerve6 based on the idea you can target overactive microglia to help with neuroinflammation.
“Damage to the myelin sheath causes impaired communication between your brain and your nerves, causing a loss of balance, impaired motor function, and coordination problems.”
Fortunately, there’s good news: by turning out overactive microglia, you can stop the progression of neuroinflammation and restore your nerves, getting rid of nerve pain for good.
Bonuses Included with ProNerve6
If you order 3 or 6 bottles of ProNerve6 online today, you immediately get access to two free eBooks. Those eBooks can enhance the effects of ProNerve6 by teaching complementary therapies to help with blood sugar, nerve pain, and related issues.
Free Bonus eBook #1: Ancient Superfoods: Ancient Superfoods features a collection of ingredients, spices, herbs, plants, and ordinary foods you can find at any grocery store. These foods contain nutrients, antioxidants, and other beneficial compounds, making them superfoods. Some have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Many are backed by modern scientific evidence. In Ancient Superfoods, you can discover foods to lower the risk of cancer, lower blood pressure, fight inflammation, and improve overall health in multiple ways, according to the author.
Free Bonus eBook #2: Healthy Blood Sugar Protocol: Diabetics are more likely to suffer from neuropathy than others, which is why many ProNerve6 users are diabetics. In the Healthy Blood Sugar Protocol, you can discover proven strategies for supporting healthy blood sugar using natural methods. You’ll learn 10 tips for a great plate, for example, along with 10 tips for healthy meals, healthy snacking tips, guidelines for eating out in restaurants, and more. You’ll also get 20+ recipes for smoothies, bread, biscuits, salads, soups, main dishes, desserts, and more to help support healthy blood sugar.
Both eBooks are normally priced at $40 to $50 apiece. However, as soon as your purchase is confirmed, you will receive immediate access to both eBooks for free.
What to Expect After Taking ProNerve6: Janice’s Experience
Dr. Macasadia claims to have tested an early version of ProNerve6 on a patient with severe nerve damage before releasing it to the rest of the world.
Here’s what happened when that patient, Janice, took ProNerve6 for the first time:
30 hours after taking ProNerve6, Janice was “still in pretty bad shape,” according to Dr. Macasadia.
After taking ProNerve6 for five days, however, Janice experienced a “180-degree turn.”
On the 5th day, Janice told Dr. Macasadia she could feel the carpet again and that her feet felt “normal” again. She started to move around without issue again. She claims it felt “weird” to walk without pain again.
Janice’s pain and discomfort cleared up and she also stopped experiencing nighttime convulsions. She started sleeping better.
After ten days of taking ProNerve6, Janice experienced further effects. She slept 8 hours per night without issue. Her lesions and sores started to disappear.
At her final checkup, Janice’s doctor canceled her painkiller medication. The doctor also found her neuropathy lesions had “basically disappeared.”
Overall, Dr. Macasadia watched Janice escape from a “neuropathy nightmare” thanks to ProNerve6. After Janice’s successful recovery, Dr. Macasadia knew he wanted to share his formula with the rest of the world.
After Janice’s recovery, Dr. Macasadia recommended ProNerve6 to other patients at his clinic. Other patients experienced a recovery similar to the recovery experienced by Janice, transforming their nerve pain.
Scientific Evidence for ProNerve6
ProNerve6 was developed by Dr. Macasadia, who worked with medical researchers like Dave Stephenson to develop ProNerve6 over two years. Additionally, the team claims to have completed “extensive trials” on ProNerve6 to verify it works as advertised. They also cite research from the Mayo Clinic, Harvard University, and Columbia University, among other major educational institutions. We’ll review some of the science behind ProNerve6 below.
Dr. Macasadia and his team specifically compare ProNerve6 to gabapentin and other nerve pain remedies. The team claims they tested popular over-the-counter and herbal remedies for joint pain, but they “just weren’t strong enough.” While these solutions mask symptoms, ProNerve6 claims to permanently alleviate pain by targeting the root cause.
The most important ingredient in ProNerve6 is biletan, better known as alpha lipoic acid. It’s one of the best-known supplement ingredients for diabetes, neuropathy, and nerve pain. A 2024 study found alpha lipoic acid’s natural antioxidant effects could make it effective for managing nerve pain. Plus, it’s been shown to relieve pain.
Baicalin is one of the most important ingredients in ProNerve6. It’s better known as the active ingredient in skullcap extract (Scutellaria baicalensis). Popular in traditional Chinese medicine, baicalin appears to be effective as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory remedy. According to one review, baicalin interacts with multiple signaling pathways and molecules to promote lasting relief.
Diferuloylmethane, better known as curcumin, is the active ingredient in turmeric. It’s a key ingredient in ProNerve6. Curcumin is prized for its antioxidant effects; some people take it daily for nerve pain. According to a 2021 study, curcumin could help with peripheral neuropathic and postoperative pain. In that review, researchers found curcumin’s antioxidant effects effectively reduce nerve pain while demonstrating antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.
Levocarnitine is one of the more unique ingredients in ProNerve6. Many supplements contain L-carnitine or other forms of carnitine. However, ProNerve6 appears to contain levocarnitine, according to a video shared on the official website. According to the Cleveland Clinic, Levocarnitine is a medicine used to prevent and treat low carnitine levels in the body. Carnitine is an amino acid crucial for muscle tissue formation, energy production, and more. It’s commonly sold under brand names like Carnitor. It seems unlikely that ProNerve6 contains levocarnitine; more likely, it contains L-carnitine, a popular amino acid typically found in nutritional supplements.
ProNerve6 contains four science-backed ingredients that help with nerve pain, neuropathy, blood sugar, and overall nerve health. Dr. Macasadia is careful to explain everyone is different when it comes to nerve pain and that you shouldn’t stop taking your doctor-prescribed medication unless told to do so. He seems confident that ProNerve6 can help many people manage nerve pain.
ProNerve6 Pricing
ProNerve6 is normally priced at $99 per bottle. However, as part of a 2024 promotion, you’ll pay just $69 per bottle or less. All three- and six-bottle purchases also come with greater discounts, free bonus eBooks, free shipping, and other perks.
Here’s how much you pay when buying ProNerve6 online today through the official online store:
1 Bottle: $69 + $9.95 Shipping
3 Bottles: $177 ($59 Per Bottle) + Free Shipping + 2 Free Bonus eBooks
6 Bottles: $294 ($49 Per Bottle) +Free Shipping + 2 Free Bonus eBooks
Each bottle contains a 30-day supply of ProNerve6, or 60 capsules (30 servings). To promote nerve health, you take two capsules daily.
ProNerve6 Refund Policy
All ProNerve6 purchases come with a 180-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy, you have six full months to request a refund on ProNerve6. Contact the manufacturer to initiate the refund process, then return the bottle (even if empty) to receive your refund.
About Physio Science Health Institute
ProNerve6 was developed by Dr. Macasadia and a medical researcher named Dave Stephenson. Both work at Dr. Macasadia’s Physio Science Health Institute, a nutritional supplement company offering science-backed solutions to various medical problems.
Dr. Macasadia formulated ProNerve6 with help from an African doctor named Dr. Sander. Dr. Sander told Dr. Macasadia about certain traditional African remedies that could help with nerve pain, and Dr. Macasadia used several of those ingredients in ProNerve6.
Physio Science Health Institute manufactures ProNerve6 and other supplements in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility.
You can contact ProNerve6’s US-based customer service team via the following:
Phone: (732) 917-7670
Final Word
ProNerve6 is a neuropathy supplement designed to help those with distal, peripheral, and diabetic neuropathy – or any nerve pain – enjoy permanent relief.
Developed by physical therapist Dr. Macasadia, ProNerve6 contains four active ingredients, including carnitine, curcumin, skullcap extract, and alpha lipoic acid, to help eliminate the root cause of nerve pain. These four ingredients purportedly neutralize the toxins in your body that cause neuroinflammation that leads to nerve pain.
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