Hello👋 We are Team Pickyz

The name 'Pickyz' is a playful variation on the word 'picky', which means very picky or discerning. It reflects our commitment to meticulously crafting exquisitely refined products that even just one user will be satisfied with and love.
We know the word has a negative connotation, but we hope that many people will think of us first when they see it, instead of the original meaning, and we'll work hard to make sure they have a pleasant imagination.
Our product
We are so excited and proud of our product.
Where to collect OpenAI's SORA videos
The AI News Curation
Chrome Extension
Powerful alarms for heavy-sleeper
We're still working on it
Until we build a product that sticks out to you
Our story
We are so excited and proud of our product.
Made from Seoul
We all work in Seoul, South Korea. We work in persion once a week and four days remotely.
3 Developer, 1 Designer
We're a team of one designer and one developer.
Love Coffee
We all love coffee. It's a secret, but one of us even drinks 5 cups of coffee a day.
Very young team
We are a team that has just started. Of course, we've known each other for eight years.
Strong interest in AI
All four of us have a strong interest in AI Let us know if you have any interesting projects!
A little unusual
We're all a little weird, which makes it more fun to work.
Want to hear more from us?
Feel free to reach out!
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