5 Launch Tips and Effects of Product Hunt for Product of the Day 1

SlashPages was the #1 product of the day and #5 product of the week on its first launch. Many people asked for this information, so we're sharing our launch results and 5 tips. We hope that it will help makers preparing for a product launch on ProductHunt in the future.
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On launch day, 5,228 users visited SlashPage, and 1,416 of them actually used it. So, the conversion rate was 27%. 🎉
Users who have experienced onboarding 1,416 (Excludes existing connections)
Of the 5,228 visitors, 274 signed up, so that's a 5% conversion rate.
Out of 274 signed up users, 12 applied to the partner program - a 4% conversion rate.
Upvote Trend
A rough ranking will be determined within the first two hours. It's a good idea to start focusing on it at 0:00 PDT. We were featured in the Daily Digest 7 hours after launch, which exposed us to the PH newsletter and the PH mobile app. An hour after that, we were featured on PH Twitter.
A great article was published the day we launched the product.
Tip 1.
We made it possible for users to start the product without a sign-in. This is very important. The best feedback comes from as many people as possible using your product.
You can start using SlashPage with typing on the input.
Tip 2.
We made it as simple as possible so that when people use the product, it feels like the description in the launch post. Dozens of products launch on PH every day. It's very important for us to make sure that people can understand the purpose of our product in seconds.
ProductHunt Launch Post
SlashPage Website
Tip 3.
We created images with large text and SlashPage UI for easy understanding on both mobile and desktop screens.
In PH apps, images sometimes are the key to quickly understanding your product.
Tip 4.
Makers often post a YouTube link in the first attachment. YouTube videos are a great way to get people to understand our product quickly. Most viewers will only see the first part, so it's a good idea to place the important things at the beginning.

56% of viewers watched the video to the 30 seconds, with an average watch time of 46 seconds.
On launch day, video plays increased by 417
Tip 5.
We reached out to a lot of people through a variety of channels to announce the launch, but we saw particularly meaningful results on Twitter and LinkedIn.
The response rate was more than 5x higher on LinkedIn than on Twitter.
On LinkedIn, we were able to connect with more makers who were not only excited about our launch, but also had deep talks about the product.
Some of our favorite launching tip resources
10 proven tips from someone who's launched 8 products
The tip that received 112 votes on PH Discussion.
The author's point is 1,954.
10 proven tips for a successful launch on Product Hunt 🚀 | Product Hunt
I launched 8 products and got #1 Product of the Day with 3 MakerBox products (https://www.makerbox.club/). It generated 20K+ website visitors and over $15K in revenue (only from PH launches). Here're 10 proven tips for your successful launch ⬇️ 1. Be an active community member 🤝 By being active on the platform, you get points and followers. Why? — Your followers are notified when you launch — Points give you more credibility How? — Create and engage in discussions — Check launches and comment 2. Build your audience on Twitter or LinkedIn 👀 To launch successfully, you need people to support your launch. I recommend #buildinpublic and connecting with other Founders. That's the best way to get feedback, advice, and support. 3. Get feedback on your product and landing page 🤓 Early users and beta testers will give you: — valuable feedback — testimonials for your landing page = social proof — support on the launch day Best platforms to get feedback: Product Hunt discussions, Polywork, Indie Hackers. 4. Prepare your landing page for the launch 😻 — embed the launch badge — put some kitties, Product Hunt community loves them! 5. Create a special offer 🤑 You have a limited offer ➡️ Website visitors have more motivation to sign up right now. Product Hunt brings you lots of website visitors. So, take this opportunity and convert more. 6. Choose the launch day wisely 💡 🚀 Mon — Thu are highly competitive, but give you more traffic. 🏆 Fri — Sun are less competitive, but the traffic is also less. Chances to win Product of the Day are higher on Fri-Sun. But if you have a huge audience, then launch on Mon-Thu. 7. Schedule the launch. Product Hunt has an amazing guide for preparing all the necessary content correctly. Don't forget to read it ➡️ https://www.producthunt.com/launch/preparing-for-launch 8. Announce your future launch on your Socials 📢 Remember: you need people to support you on the launch. If you have a Twitter or LinkedIn audience (even if it's small), make sure they won't miss your launch. 9. Prepare the launch distribution plan beforehand 🗓 Plan every time slot and every distribution channel. It'll help you stick to the plan and be calm. Your e-mail list, reaching beta-tester and early-users, announcing on your Socials, Slack, Discord, and other channels. 10. Engage a lot on the launch day 🥳 — Reply to comments on your launch page — Post your launch milestones — Run AMA on Product Hunt discussions Everyone should know about your launch 🚀 Hope it helps, wish everyone a great launch! P.S. If you need more zero and low-budget marketing tactics check our Marketing WorkBook https://www.makerbox.club/workbook
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