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AI Support Agent
Owlbot presents an advanced AI-driven chatbot service designed to seamlessly integrate with your data, delivering instant responses for your clientele, team, or personal use. Implementing a customized AI chatbot through Owlbot is simple, bolstering both customer support and data analysis efficiency with minimal input.
Our AI chatbot adeptly manages 90% of inquiries from a diverse range of individuals, supporting over 90 languages. It effortlessly imports data from various origins like documents, markdown files, and webpages, ensuring swift and accurate responses.
Moreover, you can link the chatbot with your internal systems to access confidential data in real-time, enabling prompt assistance. With a selection of 12 distinct large language models (LLMs) including Mistral, OpenAI, and Anthropic, you can choose the model that best aligns with your requirements.
Furthermore, Owlbot captures pertinent details from interested visitors, enabling you to compile a roster of potential leads and foster business growth opportunities.