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What is Notcoin?
Notcoin is a viral clicker game that was published last year on TON Blockchain. You can only play through a mobile device. You can mine a meme coin called $NOT coin for free.
Manual for D’App Notcoin
Step 1: Install the Telegram app
Step 2: Go to the Notcoin Airdrop site.
Click send message
Type in /start when the bot gets turned on
When you see the message, as shown above, click ‘Let’s go’
Step 3: Play Notcoin
The number of coins will increase when you touch the coin on the main page.
The maximum energy at first is 1000/1000. 1/1000 will increase per second.
Once the energy becomes 0/1000, you cannot touch the coin for 10 seconds.
Booster mode: While pressing the coin, a rocket shows up. When you press the rocket, the booster mode will be activated. In this mode, you will gain more coins than usual.
Step 4: Invite friends
Frens: Press Frens. Press Invite a fren to invite the link to your friends.
When you share the link with your friend, you will receive 2,500 coins. If your friend has Telegram Premiere, you will receive 50,000 coins
Step 5: Gather coins
Press Earn on the main page. You can earn coins by doing different missions. These methods include inviting friends, joining a community, Squad (team), and so on.
Step 6: Boost
Press Boost to access upgrades such as boost, energy, multi-tap, and tap bot.
You can upgrade different functions or change skins.
Step 7: Notcoin Community
Press Notcoin Community to join a Squad (Team).
By pressing the trophy icon, you can see which league you are part of. You start in the Bronze league. There are leagues including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.
For more details, you can check it out through NamuLabs Research in the near future.
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NamuLabs Breaks New Ground in Blockchain-Based Copyright Protection Innovative
Proof of Concept for Account Abstraction Verification Violation Report and Reward System Completed NamuLabs, a leading AI & Blockchain Software Development Company, has achieved a significant milestone by completing the Proof of Concept (PoC) for the “Account Abstraction Verification Violation Report and Reward System” on January 17th. This breakthrough comes amid heightened discussions on the potential of blockchain technology to safeguard visual copyrights, a challenge that has stymied the industry for years. The newly developed system by NamuLabs circumvents the traditional barriers of account creation and network fee payments prior to copyright registration, paving the way for a more accessible and user-friendly approach. Account Abstraction (AA), a cutting-edge technology, simplifies user experiences by consolidating multiple accounts within the blockchain. Experts are considering this as the core technology that will bring down the hurdle of blockchain. This allows the separated Externally Owned Account (EOA) of Ethereum and Contract Account (CA) function to be combined into the Smart Contract Wallet. This integration is a boon for artists seeking to protect their creations. By employing the AA solution along with a Dynamic NFT (dNFT) system, artists can maintain a unique identifier (UID) for their work and update metadata as needed. This feature is critical in enabling copyright holders to publish dNFTs on the web and report infringements swiftly and efficiently. In a trailblazing move, NamuLabs has incorporated a Soul-Bound Token (SBT) function within the AA framework. This innovation rewards whistleblowers who report violations, creating a proactive community safeguarding digital rights. NamuLabs’ pioneering efforts have been recognized by the National IT Promotion Agency (NIPA), which selected the company to participate in the ‘2023 NIPA Blockchain Technology Verification Public Offering’. This endorsement underscores NamuLabs’ role as a forerunner in the blockchain domain. Todd Heo, the CEO of NamuLabs, expressed optimism about the future of these technologies: “Until now, the Web 3.0 ecosystem was daunting for many to navigate. With the successful verification of our automated copyright verification protection system, we foresee a diverse application of Account Abstraction that will make digital rights management more intuitive and widespread.” Further cementing its commitment to blockchain innovation, NamuLabs signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Incheon Metropolitan City to foster a blockchain hub city project. Moreover, in 2022, NamuLabs had partnered with D’cent, a prominent crypto-wallet service, to launch the first SBT series project in Korea. As the digital world evolves, NamuLabs stands at the forefront, not only developing but also deploying practical services that enhance the intersection of technology and humanity. For creatives and technophiles alike, NamuLabs promises a future where technology transcends traditional limitations, creating a harmonious digital ecosystem for all.For more information on the PoC or Account Abstraction technology, interested parties are encouraged to contact NamuLabs. #Aa #Blockchain #Account Abstraction #Web3 #Namulabs
Why NamuLabs is focusing on future technologies
With the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, blockchain technology is capturing a lot of attention. Alongside this, the word AI has become a pivotal aspect of technological discourse. There is a great expectation that these revolutionary new trends will be commonplace in our society. However, unchecked proliferation without adequate control is a concern. This is because there is a limit to what can be achieved through online services alone. Overreliance on online services alone could lead to redundancy and inefficiency. On the other hand, if the range of services gets expanded to our daily lives, it will contribute greatly to our humanity. Because of the advancement of hardware, on-device AI has been widely adopted. Moreover, the technological infrastructures have been constructed with the rising trend of Blockchain. At this point, by utilizing these technologies, practical services must be deployed. Developing these services is the role of NamuLabs. NamuLabs ceaselessly ponders about how we can improve software functionality. We research how to enhance the value of various assets and resources to improve the quality of life. Blockchain has allowed our current technology sector to expand our boundaries globally. Additionally, the emergence of AI and other advancing services enabled us to take it to the next level. We believe that the true measure of innovation lies in its meaningful impact and real-world applications.
Easy and Simple Introduction to Blockchain: Account Abstraction
NamuLabs participated in the 2023 NIPA Blockchain Verification (PoC) support project. This allowed us to successfully validate the simple solution service through Account Abstraction. NamuLabs was first introduced in the casebook published by the Ministry of Science and ICT and NIPA Korea. “Easy and simple way to start Blockchain.” “Selected for the NIPA Blockchain PoC support project, the current task is to build an ‘Automated Copyright Verification Protection System using an Account Abstraction Solution. The gist of the project is to create a copyright verification protection system ‘easily’ using account abstraction.” CEO Todd Heo states that the goal is to create a system that can onboard 7 billion people around the world; it emphasizes simplicity and conveniency. #NamuLabs #Web3 #Korea #Blockchain #NIPA