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What Influences and Shapes Value Systems ?

Shaping Factor
Influence of Self Worth
How to Handle Healthily
Family & Upbringing
Values instilled by parents and caregivers become a blueprint. These might be positive, negative, or a mix.
Critically examine values you were raised with, choose to keep those that align with your authenticity, and discard harmful ones.
Therapy to process how childhood values might be impacting current choices.
Life Experiences
Successes, failures, and life lessons shape what we find important.
Major events may challenge existing values and lead to shifts.
Reflective journaling: Examine how experiences have shaped your beliefs about what matters.
Openness to evolving values: Growth means values might change as you learn and mature.
Role Models
Observing people we admire (mentors, community figures) and the values they embody influences our own.
Intentionally choose positive role models who live in alignment with their values.
Reflect on their choices: Would I act similarly? What can I learn from them?
Culture & Community
Social norms, community expectations, and cultural messages shape our view of what's important.
Explore various cultural perspectives to avoid narrow thinking about 'right' and 'wrong'.
Consciously choose communities that align with your values.
Personal Reflection
Critical thinking about our experiences and what truly motivates us helps us define own values.
Values exercises: Explore lists and prompts to identify what truly matters to you.
Journaling focused on choices that made you feel most fulfilled or conflicted.