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Internal Factors Effecting Self Worth And Value System

Positive Experience
Negative Experience
Impact On Self Worth And Values
How to Challenge Negative Beliefs
Improving Self Worth
Assessing Realistic Self Worth
Kind, encouraging inner voice. Focus on strengths and potential for growth.
Harsh inner critic, constant negativity, focusing on flaws
"I can do this"
"I'm not good enough."
Perfectionism, fear of vulnerability
Mindfulness of your self-talk: Notice the tone and content.
Replace harshness with a supportive friend's voice.
Practice neutral statements when overly judgemental.
Affirmations that focus on effort & progress.
Regular self-compassion journaling.
Therapy to work on the root of harsh self-critique.
What are some things I say to myself that are truly kind?
What areas do I offer myself compassion? Where is it difficult?
Value System
Values align with personal ethics, bring fulfillment, and motivate positive action.
Values adopted without reflection, or based on external pressure, causing inner conflict.
Beliefs: "I'm living in alignment with what matters"
"I don't even know what I truly value"
Values: Authenticity, integrity vs. People-pleasing, sacrificing self for "shoulds"
Values exploration exercises: What brings you joy and meaning?
Examine conflicts: Do my actions align with values?
Reframe values as guiding principles, not rigid rules.
Prioritize actions that align with values, even small ones.
Reflect on decisions: Did they bring you closer to living your values?
Therapy to clarify or rebuild core values.
Where do I feel most authentic and aligned in my actions?
Are there areas where I consistently compromise my values?
Realistic understanding of strengths, weaknesses, and emotional patterns.
Open to feedback & self-improvement
Lack of self-awareness, limited insight into behaviors, blaming others for problems.
"I'm always learning and growing "vs.
"This is just how I am, I can't change."
Personal Growth vs. Stagnation, defensiveness.
Mindfulness practice to notice thought patterns & reactions.
Seek honest feedback from trusted others.
Journal to reflect on recurring themes in your experiences.
Embrace the process of self-discovery, even the messy parts.
Acknowledge flaws, focusing on what you can control.
Therapy to untangle complex patterns and blind spots.
What strengths am I genuinely confident in?
Are there feedback themes from others that I need to explore?