Components Of Self Worth, and their Healthy Assessent

Components Of Self Worth
How to Judge in a Healthy Manner
Sense of Competence
Focus on your efforts and progress, not just outcomes.
Celebrate small successes and acknowledge what you've learned from challenges.
Realistically compare yourself to your past self, not others.
Sense of Belonging & Acceptance
Prioritize healthy relationships with people who see and appreciate your true self.
Foster a sense of belonging in communities aligned with your values.
Practice healthy boundaries with people who erode your self-worth.
Intrinsic Motivation
Pursue goals that stem from your own interests and passions, not solely to please others.
Connect actions to your values for a sense of purpose and fulfillment.
Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses without harsh judgment.
Practice self-compassion, extending the kindness you'd offer a friend.
Work towards improvement from a place of self-love, not self-loathing.
Sense of Security
Build resilience by facing challenges in manageable steps.
Develop healthy coping mechanisms for stress and uncertainty.
Cultivate a support network you can rely on in tough times.
External Validation (Use with Caution):
Focus on quality over quantity of validation. Feedback from trusted sources holds more weight.
Don't rely on it as your sole source of self-worth. Build up that internal foundation.