Types Of Values And Their Healthy Assessment

Type Of Values
How to judge your values healthily
Personal Values
Honesty, compassion, ambition, creativity, humor.
Values clarification exercises to uncover what truly matters to you.
Notice which values bring you the most fulfillment when in action.
Examine any conflict between different values you hold.
Social Values
Justice, equality, environmentalism, community-mindedness.
Assess community involvement: Do your actions align with social values?
Honestly examine any prejudice or blind spots you may have.
Explore historical and current perspectives on social issues you care about.
Work Values
Collaboration, innovation, work-life balance, achievement.
Does your work environment align with your values? If not, are changes possible?
Honestly assess if your career choices are driven by these values or other factors (money, external pressure).
Reflect on moments when you felt most fulfilled or frustrated at work.
There are tests which you can take online to understand what your value systems are
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